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  • Iron Eagle
    Iron Eagle

    Hi folks

    Does anybody remember a while back I posted a topic concerning Jesus mediatorship ? I asked If anybody could show me quotes from the Watchtower that state that Jesus only acts as mediator towards the 144,000 .

    Id just like to thank everybody that contributed to helping me find these quotes, they were very helpful as was

    After an elder finally decided to come visit me after at least 2 months of total inactivity, I discussed with him various issues and the issue of Jesus being mediator only for the 144,000.

    When I confronted him on these issues, he stated that JW's follow the bible to the letter . He shown me 1 Timothy 2:5 , where it states that there is ONE mediator between men and God , Jesus Christ . I asked him about the societys stance on the matter , but he was adament that I had somehow misread the Societys publications , and that they have NEVER said that Jesus only acts in this role for the 144,000 ; because the scriptures state overwise.

    The meeting went on for about 40 minutes , and I somehow managed to discuss with him the heavenly hope also. I could tell that he just thought that I was confused , and offered me a bible study ! Lets just say I politly turned him down.

    After the meeting however , he asked me If I wanted him to return with some answers for the questions I had asked him . Regarding the heavenly hope , I quoted to him Mat 8:11 : 'And I say unto you, That many shall come from the east and west, and shall sit down with Abraham, and Isaac, and Jacob, in the kingdom of heaven '

    Amazingly , when I asked him about this verse , he looked at it puzzled like he had never seen it before , and then asked me where I had read it , adding that It is the kind of verse that an apostate would come out with . I then quoted his earlier words ... ' I thought JW's take everything from the bible to the letter '..

    He then left with 2 questions from somebody who was supposadly 'weak in the faith' . As yet , I have heard no word from him about any of the issues I confronted him with . Perhaps he has read in the societys publications that Jesus acts only as mediator for the 144,000 ? ( *** Watchtower 1979 April 1 p.31 Questions from Readers *** , *** Watchtower 1991 February 15 pp.15-20 "You Were Bought With a Price" *** ) If that Is the case , then maybe the JW's dont take verything that the bible says to the letter !

    Funnily enough , I was e mailing a Ministerial Servant yesterday who was acting as a 'mediator' between myself and this elder. In the e mail I asked him whether or not anybody was actually going to answer my questions !

    Thanks again everybody for all of your help on this . Next post I'll tell you about the letter I recieved from this elder , and the subsequent visit I recieved from another elder I have known for a long time who was SO disgusted at the manner in which this letter was wrote that he took It to show It to somebody else !! Stay tuned ........

  • freeman

    Hi Iron Eagle,

    Good job!

    You certainly are holding his feet to the fire and that is good as long as you remember one thing. The thing you must remember is that most of these cheese and cracker men have traded in their intellectual honesty for the security of being in the Tower Club. Last year I forbade my younger son, now almost 14, from attending anymore meetings. I objected to the fact that he was instructed to shun two of his friends that were dis-fellowshipped and when I asked him why he had to do this, the only reason he could come up with is because the society says I have too. Not good enough! I also had problems with the blood issue since they are asking my child to put his life at risk for reasons that can not be logically or scripturally defended.

    Like you, I too overwhelmed him, he didnt have a chance and was forced to agree with me on several points. It was pitiful because this was a very smart guy, quite articulate and college educated too, (a rarity in the JW world).

    But then in the end, after he had been trounced on each and every point, one of the gears in his noggin turned. Something went click and his programming kicked in. He then asked if my son could still attend the meetings and he would just alert me as to when the subject of blood or shunning would be discussed at the meeting and then my son could just stay home on those particular nights.

    I just shook my head.

    I just hope you are not setting yourself up for a let down. If you think you can turn one of these type of people around using logic, reason, and even their own words, it just doesnt work, the programming is just too powerful.


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