get you'r thinking cap's on. I need information.

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  • kls

    Let me start out by saying last night i watched "silence are the children" again on direc tv.This time my hubby wasn't home so i was able to watch it and express my feelings of what i was seeing.I thought i was going to vomit (realy) the hole story just hit me ,when i looked into those poor kids faces,the terror,the hurt.Then i thought o my god that could have been my children , not that it would have been their father but they went to sleep over's at witnesses homes.It's been twenty years since any of my kid's have been involved in the cult but the thought just hit me and i became inraged. Well my jw husband came home and he could see i was very upset and asked what was wrong, i said i watched "silence are the children" again and it makes me sick how you'r cult protects these basterds and sends them back into their homes and society to rape again.His response was ... the elders are doing what the bible say's to do , we go by the bible, gods word besides if this is realy happening(you can't believe everything you hear) they will be disfellowshiped.Itold him you gotta be kidding thats it ,he went on to say that disfellowshiping was bad.BLEEP BLEEP.those BLEEPS should be castrated in prison, he walked away.Of course i could not let it go,i asked him what if one of those kids were our kids would you still jurt let the elmers take care of it and continue going to meetings? If i was a violent person i would have wailed on his body..he said yes i probably would keep going to meetings.SICK SICK.All i can think is after 29yrs of marriage i don't know him. Any way i'm dragging this on my question hubby say's the org. obeys the new testament, and i asked so they do everything the new testament say's no matter what , he replyed ,yes.O'k all start thinking , what are some laws in the new testament that they don't go by, remember he says they obey them all. there is more to tell but my fingers hurt , i will finish another time .HELP

  • Scully

    Here's the most damning one that JWs do not follow:

    "By this all will know that you are my disciples, if you have love among yourselves." - John 13:35

    Love, Scully

  • ARoarer

    Hi kls. I am sorry you have to go through this frustration with your hubby and his JW thinking. One of the things that really helped me to see that the Witnesses really were being misled was when they had quoted scriptues from the Reasoning Book justifying thier biblical teachings against "apostates" and quoting from the book of Jude in the new testament. They believe that the glorious ones spoken about in Jude are the GB and elders taking the lead in the congregations. If anyone speaks against these elders they are likened to Korah. When I researched this I found that even though the Society has put out articles in the Watchtower identifying elders as these glorious ones spoken of in Jude, the bible teaches that the glorious ones are not human but angels. So, here you can say to your husband that the elders he would listen to are acutally false teachers teaching false doctrines. They are like the false teachers spoken about in the Bible. So they are rejecting truth. I hope this helps some

  • Utopian_Raindrops

    {{{{hugz}}}} kls,

    I am so sorry your husband is not sensitive to this subject. I know what you mean when you say if you were a violent person you would have wailed on his body.

    It is unnatural for your spouse to feel so differently on such an important issue.

    Please do not blame him but, blame the Watch Tower.

    Many good people in this site have discussed what your looking for here are 2 threads and I will search for more.

    Gotta luvz you sugar,


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