Were you Patriotic when you were a Dub?

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  • JH

    There are so many threads dealing with the possible war in Iraq, that I wonder if you people were this patriotic when you were active Dubs.

    We were supposed to be neutral in world conflicts, and also neutral in politics.

    Were you really neutral then?

  • Shutterbug

    Yes, I had some patriotic leanings when I was a Dub, probably because I spent four years in the Air Force back in the late fifties. I had a constant battle trying to be neutral, and that is probably why I think Iraq should be neutralized, whatever it takes. Bug

  • Brummie
    Were you Patriotic when you were a Dub?

    No way! we had cast our vote for Gods Kingdom not the kingdoms of this world, geesh we were not even allowed to consider ourself to be English, Irish, Japanese...yada yada

    I thought I was neutral as a JW. (though being against all the kingdoms of the world is hardly being neuteral)

    I'm am Patriotic now, a true born and bred English man


  • Aztec

    Wasn't patriotic then or now. I am more interested in politics now than I was before but I don't think I'll ever be patriotic.


  • freedom96

    Was never allowed to be as a witness. Always wanted to be.

  • expatbrit

    I always toed the JW line about patriotism, but during my last few years as a JW, we went to the Canadian version of Last Night of the Proms. It was wonderful. Union Jacks everywhere. And damnit, I stood and bellowed out Rule Britannia with the rest of the expats. I enjoyed my nationality and took pride in my country's history and achievements, and have since without feeling guilty.

    My wife stared at me in surprised disgust...lol


  • enjoy

    I have always been patriotic, I realized that I am truly happy to be an American and have my freedoms, my life could be a lot worse. I went down to Mexico when I was young and I knew then that being an American was truly a privledge and something I wanted.. When I was a Dub I just held it in so nobody could see it.. but I do LOVE AMERICA.....

  • MsTryst

    being raised a dub since age 6... i never thought about being patriotic.. but... i used to whisper thepledge of allegiance while everyone else did.... and i always sang the patriotic songs.. I loved them all... including the star spangled banner... they always stirred me... like NON of the jw songs didnt.. bleah...

  • whyhideit

    It was perplexing at times. I would see something happen, that made be feel proud of our country. Yet at the same time, I had to keep those feelings to myself. It feels nice to know I can say and feel whatever way I want now.

  • pr_capone

    I was a closet patriot. All the more I showed of it was a big PR on the back window of my car. Also, I wanted to take part in the candle vigil after 9/11 but an elder came by and stayed there the enire time. He told me that JW's were not to take part because it could be interpreted as patriotism. I was a good little dub and stayed inside.

    In my heart though I was out there with everyone.


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