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  • happysunshine

    I think the author of this site has a lot of good advice.

    : http://www.virushead.net/exjw.html

    However, she draws a distinction between "compasionate healing" and "hate". She awards praise for internet sites featuring the former. My question is this: what exactly is the definition of each? At what point does concern or a critic become a "hate site"?

  • VirusHead

    To answer your question...

    It is as you say sometimes difficult to distinguish a line in the continuum between a site that is critical and concerned about healing and a hate site. For me, a hate site is not respectful of other's decisions and well-being. You can use wit and humor to establish a critical distance without being a hate site. I am very critical about certain destructive tendencies that the witnesses seem to engender across the line - but I don't claim that they are evil per se. Hate sites, in fact, fetishize the object of loathing in a direct mirroring of the unquestioning loyalty that is cherished when the object is loved beyond reason. I try to break free of either dynamic my offering what insights I have gained in the intervening years and through discussions with very many affected people. I deeply respect all JWs as human beings - and do not catagorize them in any way that would imply a subhuman status. But I am also critical of the ways in which this organization as a whole does not grant full human status to its members. When members become ex-members there are a host of issues that arise - I simply try to address some of them in a way that doesn't continue the same dynamic. If you have any questions, suggestions, or comments about my site, I am always willing to address them. I am very open to ways to improve it - after all, I'm only one person, and my perspective is only one perspective.

    Anyone here can feel free to visit http://www.virushead.net and write to me at [email protected] or [email protected]

    All best,

    Heidi L Nordberg

  • Valis

    Heidi, welcome...I agree with a lot of things you have to say on your site, unfortunately the circumstances for each of us is so different ...some with dead children and some with family that mind as well be dead because they aren't a part of our life...I think its best to have all the opinions heard, as that is the only way to "grant" full status to humans who have been dehumanized. Thanks for spending the time to put your thoughts together and having them online for all to learn and enjoy. BTW, what is your opinion of this site? Oh and I like your nickname too...


    District Overbeer

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