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    We were told that in the movie Jesus was portrayed as a known homosexual and that this was proof that the end of the world was near. No need to do next week's laundry, I thought.

    Life of Patricia:

  • rem


    The similarities were downright eerie. The picture of that book "Watch! Your Habits" looked almost exactly like something the WT would have published in the '70s and early '80s.

    I still have never seen Life of Brian. I’d like to check it out sometime. I hear it’s a classic.


  • think41self


    Thanks for that post! I laughed my head off! My sides are still hurting!

    It is funny, but also reminds us of how we were once mislead, told that so many things were wrong, when the ones making the rules did not have enough knowledge of the subject to even bring it up!

    For example, just look at all us ex-dubs paying the price now for the borg teaching us that college was bad, filled with sins of the flesh, and you wouldn't need that degree because the world was ending anyway! Oh well, I'm not too old yet to go enjoy those sins of the flesh, so maybe it's not too late to get that degree:>


  • COMF

    Rem, I've never seen it either. I wasn't a Monty Python fan, although my sister loved it and used to do several of their skits for me as her own one-woman show ("Spam, spam, spam, spam, lovely spam..."). Yes, I was in throughout the latter half of the seventies. I remember the hokey tract artwork, too.

    Think41self: I went to college at the age of 37, as a single father raising two teenaged children. I was working fulltime, although I had to take a job as a lowly grocery store stocker (which paid little more than minimum wage) in order to work evenings and schedule daytime classes. The government was very generous with grant money; as a single parent and an older student I qualified for enough grant money each semester to cover my tuition and books and still leave about a month's rent remaining. Grant money is better than student loans in that you don't have to pay it back.

    You can find out what kind of student aid is available to you by calling the campus financial aid departments of whatever colleges you are considering. These people are there to help you get your education financed. Getting you money is what they do. I encourage you to check into it.

    Four years after I started college, I was four years older and had a degree and a great deal of new self-confidence based on my accomplishments as a student. If I had not gone to college, I would have simply been four years older.

    Test the waters, sister. It's waiting for you!


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