Would the WTS have DF'd Michael Jackson?

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  • freedom96

    I know some are getting sick of hearing about Michael Jackson. Sorry.

    But I couldn't help but wonder:

    If he had not DA'd himself, with all he has done in the last 15 years or so since that time, would the WTS have DF'd him?

    The charity work, the children being around, the cosmetic surgeries, the career, etc? Would they have tried to separate themselves from him if he were to claim he was still a devoted JW?

  • Gizmo

    I thought he was Df'd after the Thriller Album?

  • PurpleV


    Are the Williams Sisters DF'd?

  • TR

    They would have DF'd him for conduct unbecoming of a human.


  • freedom96


    Michael Jackson DA'd himself publicly right before the "Bad" c/d came out.

    What is funny, is I remember many, many witnesses saying that the fact he da'd himself is the reason his "Bad" album did not do nearly as well as "Thriller." What they forget is that it is nearly impossible to equal a smash hit like "Thriller" no matter how good the new material is. Just does not happen in the music industry. The fact is that "Bad" sold many more than most artists do in a lifetime.

  • Gizmo

    Well thanks for straightening that out Freedom, I had heard he was D'fd after Thriller shows you how much attention I paid to that, or how much interest I had in MJ.

    As for the Williams Girls, ummm they aren't baptised are they, only mommy dearest is I think, again I could be way off.

  • mouthy

    I also hear ( & have repeated) he was DF after thriller.. See how wrong I can be... I wrote to headquarters about the Williams Sisters - since they mentioned on TV it was their birthday- I asked How come they ran around the track carrying a flag....When we do not ( as JW) have anything to do with those two items. They wrote me back "It is up to each congregation as to what is handled" Dah!

  • Gopher

    Michael was NOT DF'd after the "Thriller" album/video. He made a public apology (with the WTS as its obvious target) after releasing it, and he had a disclaimer added saying that the video in no way is meant to contradict his deeply held religious beliefs (or something to that effect).

    Only later on the advice of actor Marlon Brando did he DA himself.

    I think the WTS was trying its best to tolerate him, having even set up a "Michael Jackson desk" at Brooklyn to politely turn aside all inquiries regarding the famous then-JW. I think the WTS would have continued to tolerate him as long as he wanted to stick around the religion (unless he did something really blatant... maybe).

  • GermanXJW

    *** g84 5/22 19-20 What About Music Videos? ***
    I Would Never Do It Again!
    In another popular video, Thriller, the performer is seen to transform first into a cat person, then a dancing monster. Evidently not wanting viewers to conclude that it promoted spiritism, the film begins with the disclaimer: Due to my strong personal convictions, I wish to stress that this film in no way endorses a belief in the occult.Michael Jackson. Nevertheless, it was so realistic that some who saw it admitted that they were horrified at first. What was this short film intended to convey? And how does the performer, Michael Jackson, feel about it in looking back?
    I would never do it again! says Jackson. I just intended to do a good, fun short film, not to purposely bring to the screen something to scare people or to do anything bad. I want to do whats right. I would never do anything like that again. Why not? Because a lot of people were offended by it, explains Jackson. That makes me feel bad. I dont want them to feel that way. I realize now that it wasnt a good idea. Ill never do a video like that again! He continues: In fact, I have blocked further distribution of the film over which I have control, including its release in some other countries. Theres all kinds of promotional stuff being proposed on Thriller. But I tell them, No, no, no. I dont want to do anything on Thriller. No more Thriller.

    I remember there was a prolog to Thriller stating that the video was not to support occultism.

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