Have you forgotten what the WTS taught?

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  • freedom96

    As we read in many posts, we sure remember some of the dumb stuff the WTS taught. We remember things such as telling us how to dress, not celebrating holidays, paradise on earth etc.

    But what about the deeper teachings? Especially those of you who now follow another religion. Do you remember those teachings? There was so much garbage taught, especially in regards to Revelation and things like that. Different dates, the North and the South, basically anything taught in the Watchtower study on Sundays. I know the basics, but since I have not been going for years, much of the deep crap I have forgotten.

    I have since gone to non-denominational churches, and I have a basic belief in Christianity, but as we all know, that is much different than what the WTS teaches. I laugh to myself thinking that I wonder if I were around one of my very few witness friends that are left, if I would be able to hold my own on the WTS teachings. Again, I know the basics, but what about the other stuff. I wonder if I would slip and mention something that I have learned since, and not realize that it is different from what the WTS says. Imagine the wierd looks I would get on that one! I just keep it safe and don't talk about religion at all.

    Have any of you forgotten those deeper teachings?

  • Gizmo

    Not entirely yet, but it's not on the tip of my tongue as it once was.

    But even with the deeper stuff, if you had to debate it with anyone, I remember still having to research before hand. Especially when trying to convince someone we had the "Truth", and why it was different from mainstream thinking.

    I too like to stay away from religious subjects, (other than clowning around) mainly because I find I don't really have a spiritual need anymore, plus I don't trust or believe anyone to have the absolute truth about God or life.

  • TR

    The WTS's "deep" things just don't make sense. It bewildered me when I was a 'hovah. Now, I understand why I was bewildered. The sh*t just don't make sense.


  • dottie

    I chose to have a selective memory when it comes to these things...


  • La Capra
    La Capra

    I have forgotten a few of the really technical things, but I think the reverse statement is true...The WTS seems to have forgotten a lot of what THEY taught ME!
    Shabbot Shalom

  • anti-absolutism

    Ditto to Gizmo on no one having the absolute truth. That's how I picked my name. It is SO nice to not know "EVERYTHING" anymore. I think that is the single biggest reason so many good people never leave. They feel that admitting that they don't know "the truth" is a scary thing...... something to fear greatly. From my experience it is the exact opposite, even though I was afraid at first as well.

  • whyhideit

    Sometimes I remember past jokes by comedians I have not heard in a while and start laughing. Same thing happens with the organization. I remember small pieces here and there and get a chuckle at times. Normally, laughing at myself, because I actually believed that once.

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