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  • Gig

    I just read David Reed's "Whither the Watchtower", written in...umm, about 93 I think, about the necessary changes the WTS faced at the time. It's a good read if you haven't already.

    I wanted to ask all of you which of their major teachings will be the next to change. Go ahead and play prophet, nobody will hold you to it, at least not like we're going to hold the WTS to it.

    I'm thinking the 144,000 (1935) or Jesus as Michael. Any other flashes guesses? In case of a tie, we'll use the membership loss percentage estimates to determine our winner. I say 35%.

  • mouthy

    that 1914- was an error on the R & file Jws part....They really never said He DID come invisably in 1914- We were just reading into it...But he will come invisably in 2007 ( that will give them time to make a bit more money.....)

  • czarofmischief

    Jesus as Michael is frankly a non-issue. They just published an article about the matter, so they can't change until it fades in the general conciousness.

    1914 MIGHT change soon - they haven't said anything about it for a while, since Freddie kicked the bucket.

    What I would like to see change is a move towards a social doctrine - charity and good works need to be brought back to the fore, and a gentle move away from prophecies and chronology. Reason being, "generations" come and go but good works never go out of style. I think if they did that they could help alleviate some of the harm they've wrought in the public conciousness. I'm not saying get rid of the preaching work, but provide some kind of social network that would actually be of benefit to all the people that you recruit.

    They won't though. Bunch of stubborn old coots that haven't pooped since they @#$% themselves in 1975.


  • expatbrit

    That the 607 date needs an "enhancement of understanding" to turn it into 587/6, thus agreeing with secular historians (look how accurate the Bible is!).

    This would enable them to shift everything forward twenty or so years, (they could explain the Revelatory trumpet blasts as being fulfilled by JF Rutherford/ N H Knorr farting in the bath, or something), and then return to the old generation teaching to put some urgency back into the whole show.

    "Brothers, we're now 69 years into this generation blah blah...."


  • A Paduan
    A Paduan

    Saw an awake cover with something about hungry natives or something, and I thought perhaps they were gonna start looking at good deeds - nothing like a shiny image and all.

    Anyway, I think it said how feeding the poor natives was an emergency - maybe for the jws - I thought the emergency must be their image - the poor have always been with us.

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