Bush approval ratings now at 99.98%

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  • IronGland

    Poll: Bush Popularity Approaching 100 Percent

    WASHINGTON - Nearly every television viewer of President George W. Bush's recent State of the Union address agreed with him on every issue, according to a poll conducted this week by the Arfley Research Institute.

    The poll gave Bush a 97 percent approval rating for his "astonishing" management of the U.S. economy and a 98 percent approval rating for his "amazing" handling of foreign affairs. Both numbers represented increases of about 25 percent over the day before, according to Arfley spokesperson Katrina Hoot.

    Representative questions from the poll were as follows:

    1. How would you assess the president's speech?

    A. Terrific
    B. Wonderful
    C. Dandy
    D. Super

    2. How should the president overhaul Medicare?

    A. Eliminate
    B. Reduce
    C. Downgrade
    D. Privatize

    3. Which of the following people most deserve a big tax break?

    A. Oil executives
    B. Drug executives
    C. Insurance executives
    D. Telephone executives

    The Arfley Poll conducts regular surveys on behalf of its sponsor, Zealots for Bush, on a variety of topics of interest to the public. The random poll of 27 people had a margin of error of 96 percent.

    Hoot said the Bush numbers would have been even better if not for "the extreme liberal bias of the media."

    "Everyone adores the president," she said, "but you might not get that from reading the paper."

  • happyout

    All these titles are scaring me today! If Americans had that much unity, it would prove government brainwashing far worse than that of the WTS!

  • anti-absolutism

    That was very funny, Iron-gland. Who do you think goes down on who?...... George Bush on Ted Turner or the other way around?

    I had a conversation with a guy the other day who is Canadian but was born in the U.S. that says the States has never done anything wrong in any of its foreign affairs policies. (Actually he wasn't intelligent enough to use the big FAP words, but that's what he meant..... lol) I asked him what he thought the 2 million people in Vietnam would think about that IF THEY WERE ALIVE, and his response was something that my daddy straightened me out on when I was 5. He said, "Well that wasn't OUR fault....they asked us to go. UNBELIEVABLE

  • b_ster

    Do any of you want his job right now?!

  • IronGland

    Sure, why not? I am qualified to read teleprompters.

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