The voting issue?

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  • Andyman

    Now last year the society came out with an article on voting that completly confused everyone. Many JW's thought they could vote, but from what I hear the C.O.'s have been telling them nothing has changed. JW's don't vote!

    Well I have this Australian brother that is telling everyone on another site that voting IS AND HAS BEEN FOR 25 YEARS A CONSCIENCE ISSUE!

    Anyone ever heard this before? Anyone from Australia like to comment on this? Is it really different down there, can JW's vote if the want to?

    I know I was told from day one "JW's don't vote"!

    I would like to get everyones view on this so I can link it to this brother and he can check out what everyone says for himself.

    Also If there is a difference in Australia, and they can vote and have been able to for 25 years, then I owe HIM an apology.



  • waiting

    Hey, Andy,

    On another post here, I asked Friend about the voting issue. He responded by stating that there were JW's in his cong. that voted, according to their conscience.

    I asked in response, where was this so that I could show this to my elders because I rather thought I might enjoy being a Democrat?

    He responded that I had misinterpreted him. The JW's he was speaking about voted on local referendums, etc., like PTA and grass control.
    I responded that his original answer was misleading.

    He knew I was talking about voting in a governmental election, because he was responding to my original statement about the Question from Readers statement on voting - which primarily dealt with governmental voting.

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  • Dubby


    Check out this link :

    "Enjoy God's creation, ride a dirt bike!"

  • Carmel

    It seems to me that all matters are a "conscious" issue. Fornication, adultry, blood, wearing red shoes, ad infinitum. The catch is the term does not mean you can exercise your conscious without a response from the congregation. If your conscious missguides you, you are eliminated. The only difference now is that the Society has redefined the terms of how the congregation is "cleansed". Before the burden of action was by a formal DFing now it is defined as self DAing.

    Oh what a tangled web we weave....


  • SolidSender

    Carmel, you expect different when a group of people consciously allows others to decide for them on matters involving their own private, individual lives.

  • Pathofthorns

    The basic stand on voting has not changed. One cannot vote for a political party. However, one can go into a voting booth and what he does in there obviously is only known between him and Jehovah. One can cast a spoiled ballot or choose to vote for "God's Kingdom" (LOL).

    This was a disappoiting article for many in that it showed the WTBS saying one thing to the world in that article, and in reality enforcing the same stand they always have. Quite a change from the days they stood up to the Governments and told them where to stick it. Now, we present a watered down stance to the world on voting and blood to achieve the status of the rest of false religion.

    On one hand we condemn Babylon the Great, but we want all the benefits that go along with being part of it.


  • RedhorseWoman

    Yes, all the recent "changes" are solely to look better in the eyes of the world.

    Most of the JW's you speak to think this is absolutely wonderful. Nothing has changed other than the perception of the WTBTS by the world and the governments.

    The label of "cult" is one that the WTBTS is studiously trying to avoid. Switching the onus to the individual is a very effective way of dealing with it. They can then honestly say that their members are not forbidden to do anything (vote, take blood, join the military, etc.) but in doing so the members "choose" to disassociate themselves.

    At one point in time it was a matter of pride to be part of an organization that would stand up for what it believed, no matter what the consequences. Now it's pathetic to see the GB skulking around currying favor from those it once claimed to despise.

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