Thank you Jehovah's Witnesses for teaching me not to be so gullible...

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  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    Received a email today from a friend. "Woman injected with knockout drug at

    gas station. Warning, warning. The short story, a lady getting gas and approach by

    a man claiming to be a painter. He gave her his card that was covered in Burundanga (a

    powerful drug). She drove away and the man followed her and she became sick.

    WWW. Snopes. com Woman injected with knockout drug at gas station.

    Take a look at the story and after you read it, what come to mind..

    My first thought, why the guy didn't become ill, was he wearing gloves.

    I don't believe sh--t anymore, thanks to the WT.....

    I checked the source of the story, it's been around since 2008. LOL

  • chicken little
    chicken little
    It is not just the parts of a story that seem unbelievable we should worry about or challenge. At the moment the social media plays a part is stirring racism and nationalist feelings. Here in Scandinavia we had a story going around about a refugee who kicked a pregnant women in the stomach on a ferry between Germany and Denmark. The anti-refugee brigade quickly spread the story and even media personalities jumped on the band wagon. The police were able to respond later with the statement that the person arrested was not a refugee but a tourist. I will not say which nationality the tourist had, as again, I do not trust the media 100% so why should I make others feel enraged if I am not sure. At times we do need to be critical of what we read especially if we pass it on to others as being credible.
  • Vidiot

    I thought the WTS taught JWs to be gullible.

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