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  • benext

    The number to which you are referring is the total Management company's assets. Which Fund is the WT the holder in? It would be good if you could provide a symbol for the individual fund or portfolio.

  • Gerard

    Im just trying to get some facts together here. Feel free to chip in. The WTBTS of PA is actually listed as 5.51% owner of the J P Morgan Liquid Assets Money Market Fund.

    Under Yahoo! Finance I get these results:

    An EDGAR search under the name "JPM" brings about these results:

    Id not know which one to review, probably JP Morgan Funds. Note their CIK numbers.

    J.P. Morgan Fleming Asset Management (USA) Inc. (JPMFAM (USA)) is mentioned. So when I search for FLEMING MUTUAL FUND GROUP INC I retrieved these results:

    I have no time to follow the leads and check whether their "diversified" funds are finaly placed in tobacco / alcohol / condoms / weapon industry.

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  • DocBob


    Follow these two links:

    Pop over to and scroll down the section entitled "Minimum Investments" and you will find the following: "Investors must buy a minimum of $20,000,000 worth of Institutional Shares to open an account."

    If you then go to , you will see that the fund assets are listed as $1.69 Billion.

    This is big!

  • sf

    Hello there Bob!! Nice to 'see' your face.

    I shut yahoo down and until I can fix the DLL file, I am 'voiceless'. I'm sure many a jdub there won't find that too disconcerting.

    Are you on AOL chat systems? I've got that up now, yet no 'buddies' on my list yet. Perhaps we can catch some chat-time soon.

    Yes, one word describes this:


    Take good care...{{{{{{ hugs }}}}}}


  • Gerard

    The JPMorgan Institutional Funds Service Center 1-800-766-7722


    Investors must buy a minimum of $20,000,000 worth of Institutional Shares to open an account. The mini-mum for subsequent purchases is $25,000


    Thankx. Thta's awsome!! Well done!!

    I'm a biologist so I'm going to have to leave this to more capable hands.

    I'd like to know to which types of industry this money has been invested...because the WT seems to be furthering the works of the capitalist world.

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  • Wolfgirl

    Wasn't JPMorgan one of the companies involved in the Enron scam? Or am I confusing them with someone else?

  • avengers

    Maybe the money is invested in military. I'm just wondering? Could it be possible that the money is invested in Regi? I mean think about it. The WT owns stock, invests money in J P Morgan Liquid Assets Money Market Fund , whom in turn invest it in the company that is half owned by the WT.????

    Possible? Far fetched? Probably. But it would be smart, wouldn't it? Or maybe it's not even possible. I don't know. . Have Fun........Andy.

  • MacHislopp

    Hello everyone,

    we should keep digging and then post all

    together , the results for the various WTBS Inc.

    world wide Corporations.

    Assetts, liquidity, estate, donations, funds

    investiment funds, etc.

    The WTBS Inc. forune , must be worth,

    today, billions of U.S. Dollars!!!

    Greetings, J.C.MacHislopp

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