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  • caballoSentado

    Hi friends,

    Checking the board after a long time... here is an update (my native language is Spanish, so bear with me)... My daugter is now 18 and officially a commercial pilot!, She got her dreams fulfilled... my Oldest son (an industrial engineer) in living and working for a big bank in Canada (toronto) after studying a master in admnistration there, and my other son is doing very well and now owns two companies (he studied Economics in one of the best universities in my country, Perú)... I have just returned from a travel all over europe with my dear wife (30 days, 12 countries and 20+ cities)... so we left the JW in 2001 over the UN scandal... and here we are

    Have a nice day all of you


  • zeb


    You are a well grounded feller. Successful in their work is what any parent wants for their kids the rewards for study received.

    Worthwhile employment, sound incomes and the knowledge they worked hard and have achieved.

    Good health to you all.

    Live long and prosper in wisdom.

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    So pleased your family is doing well. Of course they would have been sitting behind a literature cart full of glorified toilet paper if you hadn't figured out it was a scam. Good for you and your family. Sound's like a great trip. I loved to travel when I could.

  • DesirousOfChange

    Congrats to all of you!

    I would be interested in knowing if you were financially successful when you were "IN" the JW ranks? Or, if you can attribute your success to having better (at least financial) goals after leaving the JW Cult? Would your children had gone to university if you had remained a JW?

    The greatest revenge is living a happy & successful life!

  • Esse quam videri
    Esse quam videri

    How does an 18 year old qualify to be a commercial pilot? I hope she just transports cargo and not people.

  • Xanthippe

    What a success story after leaving the cult, your children are doing great!

    Sounds like a fantastic European tour (30 days, 12 countries and 20+ cities) wow! I love travelling, it really does broaden the mind doesn't it?

  • caballoSentado

    At 18 y.o. they do not flight... when they get a job at an airline, they go to training for several months (even a year), after that they are co-pilots (2nd backup, 1st backup).. it takes long time before they are flying... do not worry!. they are trained very well... in my wife's family there are 16 pilots

  • caballoSentado

    Travelling does broaden your mind!, next time we will go to Greece, Turkey and maybe Jordan

  • caballoSentado

    I was the first (an only) JW in my family. I met them when I was studying in the university. I finished my career (Industrial engineer) ... I did not know many JW with a university education. but the best of the JW was that I met my beautiful wife at a Kingdom Hall. The elders told my oldest son not to go to the university, but we did not obey... my wife got angry with them. I wasted too much time in the cult... around 25 years... after I left things got better. None of the JW in my wife's family shun us.. they respect our views, they are no "hardcore" (is that the word?)

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