From November 2015 Kingdom Ministry Highlights

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  • Gayle

    When comparing the first nine months of this service

    year with the same period last year, the United States

    (the 50 states, including Alaska and Hawaii) had increases

    of 1.1 percent in publishers

    I know the Org. has their manipulation with statistics. A fact.

    This report states "first nine months of this service year" (Sept 2014 - May 2015), not indicating whether "Peak" or "Avg.". (t. Their Yearbook 2014 Report showed 2% increase, for 'full' service year (Sept 2013-Aug 2014. That was a round up figure, from 'their' numbers, without the roundup, would have been 1.6% increase (Avg. Pub). Often, the WT uses "Peak Pubs" (a fluffed up number by their own admission of double counting, especially in August)

    U.S. population increased near that anyway.

  • SAHS
    Everything about the JWs is inflated – that is, contrived. Their end-time eschatology, their claims of authority and divine favor – it’s all just a big bubble of nothing. So, why would their statistics prove to be anything more than another dishonest inflation?
  • blondie
    I have a question about KM stats, why are the countries highlighted for stats each month almost the same, small island nations?
  • ssn587
    The congregations inflate their numbers, years ago at the reject Jesus memorial, I was responsible for the the attendance. Including those via phone. Well turned upun the numbers to the elder going to make the final prayer and he mentioned the attendance higher than what we had by almost a 10% increase in the attendance, liars and manipulators.
  • brandnew

    Like blondie said........all dominican , and costa rican......just sayin....

    Nothin happenin in the ....ahem..english speakin spots in da wurld.we be like livin in....shewt☺

  • sir82

    Growth continues to slow: 2% growth, then 1.6%, then is only a matter a time before it drops into negative numbers.

    And there it will still stay, until/unless some horrific catastrophe scares enough "inactive ones" back into the Kingdom Hall for a few years, as happened with 9/11 in the USA.

  • NewYork44M
    Manipulating meaningless numbers creates no value. What a waste of "time."

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