Did Russell Believe that Jesus Appointed Him as Sole Ruler?

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    Sea Breeze

    Not according to this book:

    From this it is clearly seen that the editor and publisher of Zion’s Watch Tower disavowed any claim to being individually, in his person, that “faithful and wise servant.” He never did claim to be such,” (“God’s Kingdom of a Thousand Years Has Approached,” 1973, p. 346).

    But, this contradicts Watchtower December 1, 1919, p. 357 where the watchtower states Russell did in fact claim to be the Faithful and Discreet slave. “Thousands of the readers of Pastor Russell’s writings believe that he filled the office of ‘that faithful and wise servant,’ and that his great work was giving to the household of faith meat in due season. His modesty and humility precluded him from openly claiming this title, but he admitted as much in private conversation,” (Watchtower, Dec. 1, 1919, p. 357).

    Russell called himself "God's mouthpiece" (WT 1906 July 15 p. 229) and stated that if didn't speak ... the stones would cry out.

    Recognizing Russell as someone who inherited all of Christs belongings was an early test of fellowship according to investigative reporter Mr. Ellis :

    "The acceptance of Russell as 'that servant' was made a test of fellowship among his followers, we are told, by the written statement of some who had been of that number, but who subsequently joined the large procession that is steadily falling away from 'Pastor' Russell.

    This fact gives point to such statements as the following from a 'souvenir' of one of Russell's convention trips, in- dorsed by a fac-simile of his signature: 'If any oppose the Lord by opposing the Channel (i. e., The Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society) and the Servant (i. e., Russell) the Lord has delegated to do his work, to that extent he loses the favor, the Spirit of the Lord; light becomes darkness, and he is soon outside.' - All About Russell, Cook pg. 13

    Looks like Russell saw himself as some sort of Pope or Christ Substitute and this belief was some sort of "test of fellowship" FROM EARLY ON. This is a very different portrait than how he was described to me when I was growing up as a 4th gen JW.

    Of course JW's still have this virtually identical "test of fellowship" don't they?

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    I can't find this quote in watchtower from 1919 p. 357....

  • Sea Breeze
    Sea Breeze


    Here's a few more similar quotes from letusreason.org. This list references 1916 WT instead of the 1919 WT for the quote you are inquiring about.

    “Fulfilled prophecy-or physical facts-and the circumstantial evidence are conclusive proof that Russell filled the office of that faithful and wise servant(Watchtower 3/1/1922, p. 74)

    the Watch Tower unhesitatingly proclaims brother Russell as the faithful and wise servant.” (Watchtower 3/1/1917 p.6049)

    When Russell died, the Watchtower claimed: “Thousands of the readers of Pastor Russell's writings believe that he filled the office of that faithful and wise servant, . . . His modesty and humility precluded him from openly claiming this title, but he admitted as much in private conversation.” (Watchtower, December 1, 1916, p. 357.)

    The Christ figure - F&DS was applied to the organization and not Russell from 1927 onward.

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    So he did claim to be the slave only not officially but in private. Next entry in my collection of lies. Thanks.

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    Sea Breeze


    And according to the investigative reporter Mr. Ellis who was a contemporary of Russell, acknowledging Russell as named in scripture as the global leader of Christianity was a "test of fellowship". That is very significant.

    After that, the F&DS was said to be the 144K which included the Governing Body.

    Most recently, the F&DS is said to be ONLY the Governing Body.

    F&DS Identity: Russell > Organization > 144K > Only 8 Men (GB)

    List of Changes on F&DS

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