Have you noticed this in the Organization?

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  • Outaservice

    Back when I was attending Kingdom Halls in our Circuit I noticed a lot of 'drop dead gorgeous' women married to the geekiest looking guys. I always asked myself how these 'Dorks' did it!

    Was this because selection was limited or was this just a peculiarity in our area? Are there more available Sisters than Brothers even today?


  • William Penwell
    William Penwell

    I think you are correct on that one. It seems that there are more sisters to brothers. Also maybe that brother was a good pioneer or elder. gag Or maybe they just have big feet.


  • TR
  • Buster

    Absolut fact.

    But it is something more than just the realtive quantities of boys and girls. For some strange reason, an inordinately high percentage of girls in the org are gorgeous. My congregation had a couple that were the best-looking girls in their high schools - or close to it. I had varying degrees of relationships with girls that wouldn't so much as known my name if I weren't a dubbie. And their mothers!?! Are you kidding? One in our hall was a USC homecoming queen (maybe princess - memory is fading), at least a couple others had done modelling in their youth. Other halls in the area had the same story - maybe not quite as extreme as mine.

    My neighbor across the street in an x-dub (our sons are best friends), she can make a man cry. One of my daughter's best friends is a dub - beautiful girl. The pictures from the Portland meetup did not do justice - that meeting was quite a reminder of the lookers found at the hall - and I mean this respectfully.

    Again, it is more than just the numbers of them. Does anyone else agree? Or have some idea to explain?

  • Mac

    Ain't it funny... how we always think the other guy's a geek!?


  • Prisca

    LOL @ Mac

    It's basically due to a lack of available brothers. There's roughly a ratio of 1:5 so the brothers really do have a bevy of girls to choose from, regardless of looks.

    Regarding the "geekness" factor, I found that the bros who were good looking often were the ego-centric ones, since they were caught up in their handsome looks, and acted accordingly. Whereas the "geeky" ones, or at least the not-so-perfect ones, had to work on their personality and mind to get attention, so they were more interesting, and had nicer qualities.

  • Athanasius

    I have attended a number of churches since leaving the JWs and they all have beautiful women. Since the KGB has mandated a dress code for JWs their women as a rule don't attend the KH wearing informal attire. Because JW women dress up special for the meetings this may make them look better in the eyes of the public than those who attend churches that are less formal. However, some years back I attended SDA services and the women in that church really dressed up. They would put the JWs to shame. However, I don't think that God has a dress code.



  • mustang

    "Now, I just have to wonder what Fredfurball and YouKnothead are like in real life."

    Honestly, TR!!!

    LMAO Class


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