The Jargon is out!!!!!!!!

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  • meadow77

    Have any of you noticed, especially those that have never been witnesses that JW's seem taken back or even weary of you for some reason if you know their lingo? It has happened to me several times in conversations. Some were pleasent, others not so much, but either wat the witness I was talking to always reacted in utter shock and almost suspicion of me when I knew their terminology. I mad it very clear that I had never been a witness. I don't know if they didn't believe me and thought to themselves that I must be an "apostate" or what. One time I was haveing a debate with a witness who swore to me that they were the most loving and caring of all religions, and were the only ones who were honestly caring for the lost. Part of my answer was to ask him if he thought it particularly loving to refer to unsaved people as goats. He didn't like my comment of course, but he seemed very flustered and confused that I knew that. Other times it's been references such as the faithful and discreet slave, or something of that nature. A witness that works for my Father made some reference to being busy on a Saturday, and I said something like "going out on service" He smiled at first and asked me if I was a witness. I said no, but that I was just familiar. Again this confused frightened look. Has this ever happened to you? Or for those who used to be witnesses, do you remember having these feeling towards someone that was familiar with your jargon, but clearly not a witness?

  • jgnat

    I have never let on to a Witness yet. But I wouldn't be surprised. All the special language helps set them apart and know if they are talking to the uninitiated or not. I think many witnesses pride themselves in pegging the "worldly" in to handy niches. Aha! Another trinitarian. Can I direct you to the instructive brochure.....

    You are not supposed to know the code-words. Awwww. They're not so special now....

  • FiveShadows

    yes actually i do know what you're referring happens a lot within the Jw community. Though not all are like that...some do believe you are just a person firmilar with the religion/terminology...based on the assumption that your relative is a jw, which is what their next question probably is. Some ask some don't care to know.


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  • William Penwell
    William Penwell

    Don't forget in a cult type of organization there is coded words and phrases that only those members know what they are talking about. Its the same as with the Free Masons. I know my uncle was one and there was coded phrases and words that only a Free Mason would understand.


  • Brumm

    Meadow lol....that is very true, I always re-word their NWT to make it sound like I'm quoting the KJV even if I aint. When talking to one at work I refer to their hall as "Church" and their elders as "Bishops" you should see their faces, full of disgust. ....I try to disguise the jargon but sometimes I slip.


  • Satanus

    In my wt daze, i would also react w confusion and distrust to a nonjw who used the jargon. Now, if i was talking to a dub who didn't know i had been, i would use the 'worldly' terms instead of the wt terms, if i was trying to work on him/her. 'Course, if you wanna mess w their minds, go ahead.


  • Buster

    My daughter has a close friend that is a dub - poor child, all she wants is to be a normal teenager. My daughter and her other friends try to help, but her older brother is soooo into it, that he tells their parents when the girl spends time away from school with worldy friends.

    Anyway, the girl was over our house, and apparently my daughter didn't think to tell her that our house had a resident apostate - didn't occur to her. I had no intention of trying to deprogram, especially since she was out of the house when her parents were away and just trying to be a teenager. But she sure didn't want to get into any discussion - she seemd uncomfortable at the slightest mention of my ex-dubbieness.

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