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  • Gig

    Ok Bush, Powell, and the rest of you...our US leaders and reps...quit using the weak in my opinion position that you don't want to compromise your sources or your tactical advantage at the onset of war to prevent you from offering up the necessary smoking gun. Nice job Powell, the phone calls were telling, the pictures too but not so much. We with the untrained eyes or light tables, the American public, want to believe your descriptions, but you have to know that the international community isn't so willing to trust you to the point of following you into war. Yes the evidence that shows Iraq's admission to have weapons and the total absence of their accountability in their declaration is good solid, dare I say concrete evidence. I know it's the smart play to put the burden of proof on Iraq, but we can all see that some maintain the burden on the inspectors. So let them have an unquestionable tid-bit so that EVERYONE can IMMEDIATELY agree and rally.

    Alright, I know they don't have it, but I really wish they hadn't said so matter of factly that they did. My biggest concern is that Bush will push war outside of the UN. The US is powerful, but that's not a good idea especially considering the long term effects.

    Any of you happen to catch Jon Stewart's show making fun Powell bringing Anthrax right into the UN? I thought it was hilarious.

  • Francois

    I doubt that neither you nor Jon Steward either one are dumb enough to believe there was anything in that vial any more harmful than corn meal.

    Come on.


  • foreword

    My first thought when I saw the pictures of trucks leaving the plants was, "I hope they followed them to their destination". No mention of where they went or even that they had knowledge of where they were.


  • Gig

    LOL francois! No, not quite. The question is whether it was good ole US or prohibited under sanctions Iraqi corn meal?

  • Gig

    Good point foreward...I'm sure they followed the trucks. Where to? Where indeed.

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