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    Trying to get into shape for this year's off-road dirt bike riding. Last year I was humiliated by my older bro and his friends. They do a lot more riding than I do, but SHEESH! I should still be able to keep up with them on a tight woods 70 mile ride! My ass was kicked on the last ride, needless to say. One of the riders makes the maps for the state of Idaho where we do most of our riding. He knows exactly where he's going at all times. This old dude is ten years older than me, but rides like a 20 year old! It's really amazing! This year will be different, though! I'm currently working on stamina, upper body strength and leg strength.

    There's an old saying that goes; "Motocross, worlds toughest sport". I believe this is close to the truth. Although I don't motocross, I do enduro riding. On these rides, one must pack lots of liquid, food, tools, and extra petrol if you can. It's tough work on these rides, but you get to explore vast amounts of remote forest areas you wouldn't normally be exposed to.

    This year, I want to be able to keep up with the big dogs. Anyone else do off-road riding?


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    TR, one of me best rides recently was an 80 mile enduro loop. I ride a KTM 400SX which is a pure motorcross bike (1.8 gal tank and all). Needless to say I was fretting the gas situation before long. We made it to a town and filled up. Chatted w/ the local sherrif at the petrol stop for ahwile (I was very nervous at first due to the fact that my bike has ZERO on-road ability, lights, tags, etc!) but he was just as freindly as could be, chatted about bikes, riding, etc. I too was following an ex-road racer who knew all the trails, and rock and rolled through the woods. There is nothing quite like pitching a bike sideways at 20-30mph and letting 'er two wheel drift of several feet before hooking up into a turn!!!! Fun stuff!

    That ride kicked my ass. I was cramping so bad at the end I literally could not let go of the clutch side handlebar. If I had fallen I would have been locked on But it was worth it, and I can't wait to do it again. I mostly ride trail, enduro type stuff, and a tad bit of motorcross at a local track, just to keep in shape, but I'm too old to do the giant jumps of doom I roll the 'scary' ones!

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    Hey Name,

    My bro rides an '01 KTM 400 EXC. Great bike. Fun stuff, huh!

    I had a Husaberg FE501 until two years ago when I bought my KDX 220. I love that bike! The 'berg was great, but no elec start. The KDX is a tad lighter, and very easy to handle and maintain. Thinking about purchasing a new KLX 400(Suzuki DRZ)


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