Jehovah's Blessings ???

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  • MacHislopp

    Hello everyone,

    Few times there has been a request to prove that

    what the WTBS Inc. has been printing on a regular

    base i.e.

    "Jehovah God is blessing His people with increase"

    What better way than , to verify this claim, from the WTBS Inc. , own publications?

    Let's begin with a quote from a magazine:

    The Watchtower 15 th January, 2001 page 17 3:

    Of course , the number of those associated with Jehovahs Witnesses is not a criterion for determining if they enjoy

    divine favor, nor do statistics impress God.

    So according to this statement numbers, statistics are not

    really the factor to link to divine favor.

    But, wait a second , in the same magazine, page 12 the

    WTBS Inc. wrote with a different style:

    "Millions of Kingdom proclaimers - a mighty nation -are now associating with more than 91,000 congregations in 235 lands around the earth. Unquestionably, this confirms that Jehovah is speeding up the ingathering of true
    worshippers before the outbreak of the" great tribulation," now so near at hand.- Matthew 24:21; Revelation 7:9-14. "

    Notice also that Jehovah God is involved, actually is

    Him that provokes the " speeding up the ingathering of true worshippers.."

    Hold on, and let's go ahead in timejust one month:

    "The Watchtower " 15 th February, 2001 page 27, paragraph 17 :

    " In his book These Also Believe, Professor Charles S.Braden said:' Jehovah's Witnesses have literally covered the earth with their witnessing. It may truly be said that no single religious group in the world displayed more zeal and persistence in the attempt to spread the good news of the Kingdom than Jehovah's Witnesses.
    This movement will very likely go on from strength tostrength.'
    How right he was! When he wrote those words 50 yearsago, only some 300,000 Witnesses were preaching around the world. What would he say today, when about 20 times that number-some six million-are preaching the good news?"

    Again the tone has changed. You might have noticed a certain pride even boasting about number!

    Let's continue and we arrive at the month of May

    "The Watchtower " 15 th , May 2001 page 13 18

    Question : What evidence is there that Jehovah is blessing the preaching work?


    "Consult the current Yearbook of Jehovah's Witnesses,

    and note the lands now reporting from 100,000 to nearly 1,000,000 Kingdom publishers. This is powerful proof

    that the Kingdom-preaching work is being blessed by Jehovah."

    Now it's very clearthe increase is a "powerful proof "

    Jehovah's blessing.

    Since the WTBS thinks that the R&F needs a quick reminder on this subject, they publish - 15 days

    later the following:

    The Watchtower June 1 st , 2001 page 19, 8,

    question (first part):

    What has been the result of Jehovahs blessing on his people..?

    ***Answer , for paragraph 8 :

    Jehovahs Witnesses have been blessed with increase because they have continued seeking first the Kingdom and (Gods) righteousness. (Matthew 6:33) .And the end is not yet. Just during the past decade , the number of active proponents of Kingdom rule increased by over 1,750,000 persons.

    Again the increase is considered a "blessing" , naturally from Jehovah .

    Yet in all this self-praising attitude the WTBS Inc., has,

    to use a familiar expression, shot itself on the foot!

    Infact, what the WTBS Inc.s writers failed to add, in

    The Watchtower June 1 st , 2001 page 19, 8,

    is that during that same period decade i.e. from the year 1990 to the year 2000, they did register, officially a total of 3,523,718 new baptisms, or to use their expression , a total of 3,523,718 active proponents of Kingdom rule symbolized their dedication by water baptism.

    In conclusion in that decade so much highlighted, the actual increase of active proponents of Kingdom rule was only 50% of the total whosymbolized their dedication, to Jehovah God , by water baptism.

    This fact suggests logical questions :

    1) Is it really Jehovahs blessing, behind all the

    " increase "???

    2) If it is really " the result of Jehovahs blessing on

    his people .." what happened to the othe 50%

    of the total of active proponents of Kingdom rule

    who symbolized their dedication by water baptism??

    I do hope that the defenders of the 'mighty' WTBS Inc.

    ideas or opinions or everchanging doctrines, will be able

    to come up with a "Bible - based " answer.

    Greetings, J.C.MacHislopp

    "Historia est testis temporum, lux veritatis, vita memoriae, magistra vitae, nuntia vetustatis".

    (Cicerone , De Oratore, II)

    (P.S. Thanks to Somebody for

    some of the quotes ).

  • Gig

    Thanks for your thoughts and the quotes. This has actually been something I've used when talking to my JW friend...ask her a question...then show her where the WT BOTH agrees and disagrees. It continues to baffle me that she can't see it, she is plenty satisfied that they had the right answer... even when her original answer disagreed with their most current answer. It gets me dizzy.

  • NameWithheld
    Of course , the number of those associated with Jehovahs Witnesses is not a criterion for determining if they enjoy divine favor, nor do statistics impress God.

    LOL! I bet they regret ever saying this It flys in the face of their proud little annual statistic-fests they love so much!

  • Francois


    Above it is stated that, essentially, no other group has been so aggressively spreading the good news of the kingdom than Jehovah's Witnesses...," etc., etc. gasp, gargle, blow, grunt.

    I demure. That pap, that crap that is being spread like manure by Jehovah's Witnesses is NOT the
    good news of the kingdom. Far from it. Jehovah's Witnesses allege in a brazen mistranslation that "the kingdom of heaven is within your midst," is the good news of the kingdom. Not so.

    The good news of the kingdom is what The Master said it was and is, "the kingdom of heaven is within you," and THAT is the good news of the kingdom.

    That which is being preached by the JWs is not, cannot possibly be in fulfillment of any positive prophecy of The Master's because what they are "spreading" isn't The Master's message, no matter how loudly nor how frequently they crow on about it. Since they do not teach the master's message, their numbers mean nothing, their statistics are as empty as are their teachings, their self-righteous superiority as anti-Christian as is their institutionalized pedophilia.

    The Organization of Jehovah's Witnesses is nothing but a lion in sheep's clothing creeping the darkness, seeking to devour someone; someone young and innocent if possible.

    HOW long, oh lord, will you continue to permit this ravening wolf of an organization prey on the world's children in your name before you yourself have had enough and bring an end to their insulting drama? How long will you allow that shitty house of cards to stand?


  • minimus

    One thing the Society has got nailed down is the art of subterfuge. They know how to evade and hide the truth more than anyone. If something is bad, then it's good. If something was always considered good, but now it's turned out to be bad, the Society will say that they never said that it was good in the firstb place. It's the rank and file that always misapply and read into things.They have perfected how to have things both ways. That's why we can never underestimate the Society. Even if 75% of the Governing Body left the organization, the rest would say that they were merely and unfaithful and what the Bible taught would have to happen. Yeah, they got Jehovah's blessing, alright.

  • Mary

    I guess Jehovah must be REALLY blessing the Mormons and their preaching work, cause they got a hell of a lot more members than what we do! How do they explain that??

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