Eisnehower (sp) Mother

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  • mouthy

    When I was in the Borg- One of the elders showed me a book in the library -it had a letter from his Mother ( Eisenhower) she was a JW... Does anyone remember what book it was ???/Please

  • blondie

    It might be in this bound volume at this location:

    10/15/1980 WT page 26 or 27

    As I entered the headquarters tent, where all the "top brass" had gathered, I didnt salute. One of the officers said: "Dont you salute your superiors?"

    "No, Sir."

    "Why not?"

    Respectfully, I gave my reasons, based on my understanding of the Bible. At that the officer said: "General Eisenhower ought to line you Jehovahs Witnesses up and shoot you all!"

    "Do you think he would shoot his own mother, Sir?" I asked.

    "What do you mean by that?" he shot back.

    Reaching in my pocket and taking out Sister Eisenhowers letter, I handed it to him. "I just received this letter from the Generals mother while waiting for you to call me."

    As he read the letter, which you see reproduced on the opposite page

    , the other officers also gathered around to look at it. Thoughtfully, and with a greatly changed attitude, he handed it back to me. "Get back to ranks," he said, "I dont want to get mixed up with the Generals mother."

    Ida Eisenhower, whose son later became president of the United States, was, at the time, 82 years of age. From reading her letter, you can see that for most of her life she had been one of Jehovahs Witnesses. The timing of her letters arrival could not have been better! Her encouragement was just what I needed.


  • mouthy

    "As you will receive" Thanks! so much Blondie! I really appreciate it -I dont have that volume but I can site it to the person who doubted it (((hugs))

  • blondie

    de nada

  • Kenneson

    I remember reading about this in a book Marley Cole wrote. I don't rightly recall the title; something like Jehovah's Witnesses--the New World Society or maybe Triumphant Kingdom. Anyone remember?

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