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  • logansrun

    JF Rutherford's son (his only child, I believe) did not become a JW according to Ray Franz in CoC. Anyone know why? (Of course this post could produce an enormous amount of hilarious answers, but I am looking for actual information).



  • Matty

    I understand that Joseph Rutheford's son Malcolm died around 1989 time.

    I would be interested in more information about him too. I heard that he wanted absolutely nothing to do with the Jehovah's Witnesses and would not talk to anyone, either the media or friends about this part of his life. It must have been tough for him having such a lunatic as a father.

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  • Gig

    Hey, take the good with the good...allow the hilarious answers too. A laugh can be just as helpful as the facts to many of us. I too am interested in the Judge's son's why's and what for's, but a clever joke to go with keeps it interesting for all those who could care less about Joe and his family. Just a thought (neither factual or funny)

  • blondie

    Why should we care less about Rutherford's son and grandson, Paul? They were and are probably just like us, hurt by the JW system and trying to put it behind them. Why make them a figure of fun because of JFR's doings?

    Matty is right about the death, SS confirms it and it is in the California area. Can you imagine trying to live down having Lee Harvey Oswald as your father or Hitler?

    Let's be nice folks and remember they are people with feelings much like ours.


  • NameWithheld

    From what I gather, and this is all hearsay, is that he and 'da Judge's wife wanted NOTHING to do with the JW cult. And would not talk to anyone about it, wether they were pro-JW or anti-JW. I can understand why they would want to try and forget all about Joe 'Booze' Rutherford!

  • Makena1

    I believe I read in COC that Rutherford's son and family decided not to attend his funeral.


    curious too

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