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  • jazbug

    Mark did another 30 min. today on the JW child abuse issue with an attorney from here who handles abuse cases. Elder Mike was back on and made a bigger fool of himself than last week, This attorney says he has dozens of JW's who call email him every week concerning sex abuse.

    Mark was a little surprised to discover how many pending lawsuits there are against the WTS, several here in Spokane. Mark asked Mike what he thought the motive was for so many suing and Mike answers, "Welllllll, for the money I guess." Mark answers: "Just maybe its because they got tired of being raped and ignored so they just want it to stop."

    There's supposed to be another show on it be continued.

  • Utopian_Raindrops

    I do think it is great that The JW Sex Abuse Scandal is getting such wide spread coverage!

    Thing is, is Mark Fuhrman hero of the 75% Anglo Nation is the guy who screwed up the O.J. Simpson case!

    He let racism and jealousy of a successful non-white get in the way of justice.

    Now Mr. Lives in an Exclusively Anglo Neighborhood (saying this to show his ignorance) is a glory hound and it seems to me he is the type to use the suffering of those abused by The WT to his own gain.

    These abuse victims need legitimate media exposure not a Jerry Springer Style Circus Performance!

    He is the kind of man that would discredit the WT abuse victims and their cause by making them look like fools.

    I think The Silent Lambs need more shows like 5 th Estate to pick them up and tell their side.

    I have to say you Canadians have a heck of a News Show there! Class act.

    My 2 cents,

    Ciao 4 now,


    P.S. Although it doesnt sound like it.I am excited for the exposure of The Abuse Victims.

  • Gopher


    I've never listened to Fuhrman's radio show so it's hard to tell where he's going to take this. But he's obviously taking it somewhere! I tend to agree with your final statement -- it sounds like we should reserve judgment on this despite the man's flawed character.

    The fact that he's opening up this "can of worms" -- the pedophile issue -- for a whole new segment of society to see can only help publicize the cause in the long run. More people will be "innoculated" against the subtle come-ons of Jehovah's Witnesses.

  • Guest 77
    Guest 77

    Advertise, advertise, advertise! Hey, how long have we been advertising? Look where it got us.

    Guest 77

  • Mary

    Utopian said: Mark Fuhrman hero of the 75% Anglo Nation is the guy who screwed up the O.J. Simpson case! He let racism and jealousy of a successful non-white get in the way of justice.

    Don't gimme that crap. Those jurors had no intention of finding O.J. guilty of anything and Mark Fuhrman was used as a scapegoat. After all, we all know that DNA can fly, and everybody lies, except O.J. Simpson. As that black prosecutor (can't remember his name) said in an interview afterwards, when he first saw the jurors on the first day of trial, he knew there'd be no way of conviction, because to them it was "pay back time."

  • jazbug

    I have to agree with you Mary...Mark didn't help the prosecutiion in the OJ trial but he certainly didn't blow the whole case. And because he told one lie that the world knows about doesn't make him a "liar" in every situation. I can't say I have "never" lied about something.

    He lives in Sandpoint which is predominantly Caucasian but it is also a very beautiful area which is why most people live there. Spokane is also predominantly Caucasian and I doubt that most people live here because they are racist. Whatever faults he may have, as we all do, we have to remember that he is the one that was able to get the Micheal Skagel (sp) case reopened resulting in his conviction after 25 yrs. of the case being closed.

    For the past few months he has been exposing the Catholic priest issue on his talk show. A few weeks ago I wrote to him about the JW child abuse issue and then he called Bill and Erica and set the show up. I don't think he has any ulterior motives. Probably if you heard the show, you would have a clearer picture.

    He has had Bill and Erica on his show and now an attorney who is handling MANY JW abuse cases in Washinton state as well as abuse issues of other religions. I personally know JW's who listen to his show and the facts that are being brought out are irrefutable. My hope is that it will help to open the eyes of some. Erica's case was held close to here but most JW's believe that was an isolated case. Now, on a local radio show, the extent of the problem is being exposed, not just by Fuhrman but by others who know about the policies of the WT.

    Erica told me that he talked to her after the first show, giving her praise and encouragement for her courage. Altho, he can be intimidating and actually irritating at times in his demeanor, he seems to have a sensitive and caring side, especially when it comes to the abuse of children.

    So IMHO I see it as nothing but good. I CAN tell you that Mark F. will never look at JW's the same again. He even had Elder Mike back on the show to let him prove his points. However, Mike still stumbled and stammered when Mark would ask him questions on WT policy. So I see Mark as being fair to both sides of the issue but the facts stand for themselves.

    So that's my story...and I'm stickin' to it.

  • freedom96

    Again, I have to say, whoever is willing to talk about the WTS problem, whether tv or radio, or print has my support.

    Like mentioned above, Fuhrman was used as a scapegoat with the OJ trial. Whatever he did or did not do, had nothing to do with OJ's guilt. Here is a case where there were a bunch of idiots on a jury, and even if OJ admitted guilt, he still would not have been found guilty by this group.

  • TR

    Sorry, Utopian, but you're full of shit about Fuhrman. I listen to his show, and live in his neck of the woods, so I know what he's talking about. You, however, don't.


    That was the best part of the show! I couldn't remember how they said it, so I didn't put it in my thread last night.


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