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  • sndy420

    I knew this was going to happen sooner or later.. While the local congregation has shown no interest in why I haven't been to meetings in over a year , I do have friends from afar (witnesses) who I feel do care about me and my family. I heard from one of them today who tells me she has, what the doctors say is, a very serious case of breast cancer. Anyways - besides telling me all about that she had heard that I was highly inactive and wants me to start getting back on track because she wants to see me in the paradise. She says she loves me , and I know she does as I was the only person from this congregation to continue nuturing our friendship through the years after she moved. The problem is that she sees things as either you are serving Jehovah or you are a goat destined to die. It would serve no purpose for me to get into a discussion about how "WRONG" the organization is, especially now that it is more important to care for and upbuild her during this horrible time. The good thing is that she lives about 5 hours away and I don't have daily contact with her. I would like to be closer to help her anyway I can but my not being a witness anymore would surely cause her pain. She told me to go to the next Sunday's meeting for her and I said" what if I go and I hate it" and she said " if you are uncomfortable at the old hall go to a different one , it's ok."

    She was also telling me about how she has no medical insurance and that one of her "wordly" clients knew a head mucky muck for the City of Hope in Los Angeles and got her an interview and much needed financial support should she need it. That's a hell of alot more than her fellow witnesses would do for her. I stressed what a wonderful person that woman was to help her. I hope she gets that!!!

    Anyways , life goes on......sndy420

  • Gopher

    Yeah, life goes on doesn't it?

    It's interesting how friendships change over the years. Now all you might hear from her is "Watchtower this, Kingdom Hall that". If she needs THAT kind of encouragement, surely there is someone in her local Kingdom Hall that can fill that "need".

    But if she wants someone sympathetic and a good listener regarding the life-threatening issue facing her right now, she's got you.

    I hope your friend pulls through, and I also hope you can find a happy "middle ground" so that neither of you is upsetting the other one over the sensitive issue of membership in the JW's.

    Isn't it a wonderful religion that puts conditions on friendship?

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  • sndy420

    I HATE this religion that puts restrictions on all relationships.....That is surely not from god!!!

  • Utopian_Raindrops


    In a sense I understand what youre going through.

    The Sister I work for did not fire me when I was dissed.

    Instead she spoke with one of her elders about the situation and he allowed her to keep me on.

    This Sister is an invalid who can do nothing for herself.

    When 1 st I was dissed the plan was to get back but now I dont wish too. The whole idea of returning to more abusive from cold hearted people makes me cry.

    Every time I speak with her on the phone or see her in person, meeting attendance and family study are what she asks me about.

    Meeting attendance has gone way down to none! So I avoid answering but family study is great as we have a family bible reading minus WT Propaganda!

    It made her happy we are reading the bible still; she wants me back and has even cried to me about it.

    I did look up for her some crazy WT articles and asked her to answer best she could since we cant speak of spiritual things. Blatant racism did not seem to faze her but as they say, The Seeds Have Been Planted!

    It is difficult to know what to do when you love someone inside and cannot out right tell them The Truth of The Troof.

    {{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}Hug Sugar



    P.S. give your friend a kiss from usHere's a kiss for you, my love!....... and some tight friendly hugzHug

  • archangel01

    Going to another hall isn't the answer thats BS. Tell her that in a very nice way and that you believe in GOD just not in MAN (WTS). Good point though next time she saids "worldly" correct her in a nice way and tell her that worldly person is helping you out more then so & so why would God kill someone like that. It sounds like your doing the best you can and don't let her put a guilt trip on you, just tell her in a nice way to please stop doing that you are not the judge God is. Just hang on and take care I hope all is well for her and you.

  • blacksheep

    I'm very sorry for her and her condition: I hope she is able to pull through.

    OTOH, it must be quite a bit of pressure on you to start to "please" her in her state. It just struck me as odd, that she says she wants to see you in paradise. Not that I'm suggesting you tell her this in view of the senstivity of the sitation. But my thoughts with regard to all the convoluted beliefs of JW would be "Maybe you will. Maybe I'll die before Armageddon and get an auto-resurrection."

    Ridiculous. Friendship/love with these people is so conditional.

  • archangel01

    Hey U raindrop

    whats up!!! Hey where did you get the two happy faces(Smilies) that hug.....that's coool. E-mail me with the info or type it here.Thanks

  • Utopian_Raindrops

    Lol archangel!Floating

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    She posts her art here....http://www.deviantart.com

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  • Francois

    I'm sorry to hear about your friend. I'm furious that the WTBTS, with all their MILLIONS won't crack open their bank account to help a sister with a deadly disease. You must be furious. And I know she doesn't see it this way, but her asking you to go to a meeting "for her" is just beyond the pale wrong, wrong any way you slice it. She doesn't, can't, see it that way.

    Do you know what stage and type of breast cancer she has? If she's in LA, she might benefit from being seen at the John Wayne Cancer Institute, a part of UCLA Hospital, I think. One of the intake guys there is John Gotis, a really nice, helpful guy at 800.262.6259. He's a melanoma specialist, but I feel certain he could point her in the right direction.

    Please give him a try and do let us know how it works for her?

    Best Wishes for your friend,

  • ugg

    deeply sad.... hope it will turn out ok for her...

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