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by Xander 5 Replies latest watchtower child-abuse

  • Xander


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  • D8TA

    Xander said:

    So I had enough and just poured gas on their car, and lit the damn thing ablaze

    Woa dude! You need to back off on your neighbor, there is no excuse for you to pour gasoline on his car and light it on fire. I never thought you would do that to anybody! I'm shocked...and believe me, it takes a lot to shock me! The whole super glueing tacks on the your neighbor's dog was just pure low.

    Then I ran over about 10 homeless people, but I'm scared to turn myself in.

    Dude, just do it. No reason to run from the law, they'll catch you sooner or later.

    ...my career with the circus is now in ruins. Even Happo the Clown ignores me, I'm so depressed.
    Pffft....just ignore Happo, you're a pretty decent human being.
  • Xander

    Aw, geez, you clipped the best part where I planted tac nukes all over Iraq in little shells painted in bright colors for the investigators to have springtime fun looking for....

  • Shutterbug


    You need to have a long talk with Lady Lee. Bug

  • Brummie

    Sorry you are battling with all those things Xander :(

    Have a chat to other guys who wear the same style high heels, surely they will understand.

    All the best in discovering your identity.


  • Yizuman

    What the??


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