New hominid Species Discovered in South Africa

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    You are trying to prove that the alphabets s, q, u, a, r, e, c, i, r, c, l, e exist, hence a square circle do exist.

    If some fossils are found somewhere in the cave, how can that prove life arose from non-life and evolved from simpler creatures to more complex life forms, or in other words, the tiny cell eventually became an amoeba, then a lizard, then a monkey, and finally— you? Philosophically, it makes no sense—it cannot answer the big question WHY?

    Why life arose from non-life?

    Why it started a journey to reach more complex life forms, only to die and disappear?

    Instead, believe only what you see and experience:

    1) Life comes from life

    2) Symbiotic relationship that exist between species

    3) Engineering feats (One example, tree. It provides breathable oxygen for us while processing carbon dioxide, which would in high amounts in the air be toxic to us. It supplies wood, housing for birds, roots to limit erosion, fruit and seeds to eat, is biodegradable and gives shade. …

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    For clarity's sake, the concept of a missing link is unscientific since 'chains' do not metaphorically illustrate the scientifically determined theorem of evolution. If you want to find an intermediate genus between man and ape there are a half a dozen or so species of the hominin called Australopithecus found in the Rift Valley of Tanzania and down south-westwards down to the Transvaal in South Africa. They walked walked upright, had human like teeth but were able to climb trees easily. At the same time more human-like hominins of the genus Homo lived alongside them.

    The new find H. naledi, does look like an early Homo erectus species which might date it around 1.5 to 2 million years before present but a lot more post-excavation research will be needed to bring to light all the evidence.

    For the record, whereas due to great advances in medicine we are now taller and healthier than we were a hundred years ago, if we were to travel back in time half a milllion years in Europe including southern England, the species of human H. heidleburgensis were taller still than we are now and extremely robustly built. (I visited the primary UK archaeological site during excavations at Boxtree).

  • cofty

    icon - Years in your BK cult has turned your brain to mush.

    Read a book FFS

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    Your reply sounds like that of North Korean ruler. Even if we go by your reply it would mean that people like Einstein who said, “Religion without science is crippled, while science without religion is lame” have not read any books on science.

    Anyhow, you brought the subject of reading. Here is something what I read in the November (2011) issue of "Discover Magazine." In that there's an article called, "His troubles are your troubles". On the cover it's titled, "MAD MICE, How neurotic rodents rule the $30 billion mental health industry."

    The article is about lab mice. The one thing of importance is that it states that the mouse shares 99% of our DNA. So, then, we must be related to the mouse as much as we are to the apes.

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    Sorry Cofty I accidently thumbs downed you. Meant to hit the thumbs up.

    Looks very Primate to me ..................................but hell what do I know ....I only live in Africa ! Had an African edumacation !

    Actually the way the Paleontologists ...Peleon ...Pealeontol......whatever ....wax on about how they were found in a section of the cave which "proves" that they were conducting burial rituals at that time and so on and so on is akin to JW. Org making up shite about doctrine !

    Sorry - I am not convinced one bit/

  • sir82

    Now they will say there are two missing links!

    Correction - they will say there is a need for 2 overlapping missing links!



    You seem to be fixated on the origin of life. Animals evolve, deal with it. Do some research on the Coywolf. The species is a great example if I understand what I'm reading.


  • StarTrekAngel
    The origin of life and evolution are two different things. Abiogenesis (origin of life from nothing) is a much more controversial field of science than that of evolution. Simply because evolution is happening as we speak and can be seen in many forms. Go do some research on the subject of evolution and then, separately, do some reading on abiogenesis. I am not saying you have to agree with it but at least you would understand the difference.
  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    Science has dissolved in to hilarity and more ego and more government funding.

    Before you give me the accidental red flags:-

    How old are these " hominid species" skeletons supposed to be?


    The Rebel

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