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  • Big Jim
    Big Jim

    There are 1370 registered users on this sight, lets say that 1000 of them are pretty serious players when it comes to trying to help JW'S with doubt get away from the organization.

    This is my ideal,lets say that 1000 users here form a group to help (plant the right seeds of doubt)
    The way this could be done is by each person in the group paying a $25.00 fee (which would equal to $25,000.00) to place advertising on billboards located near assembly halls with 1-900 numbers for more information concerning the posted message.
    Then the money from the 900 numbers could be used to place more billboards near more assembly halls till there was enough out there to really cause a impact on the organization.

    What do you think? I know it is crazy, however it is a fun ideal>

  • CornerStone

    Hello Big Jim,

    There are many ways to skin a cat but I don't think that your idea would have a positive impact on JW's doubts about the org. Playing devils advocate here just let me say that I am no fan of the puppeteers in Brooklyn. I would be concerned about not having a support system, ( local, if possible ) for JW's whoose faith was crumbling under tight scrutiny of the orgs' teaching.

    Second, the spin miesters in the deepest receeses of the Tower would, of course, use this advertising campaign as PROOF that satans system is directly attacking God's "only channel of communication", thus furthering the resolve of most of the current membership to "stick with Jahovah".

    It is true that the MOST vulnerable part of the org is NOT their money, NOT their membership, it is the court of public opinion.
    So I think your pointed in the general direction. We'll see what the future holds.


  • Skimmer

    Hello Big Jim, and thank you for your idea.

    I have thought about similar tactics, and the one I like best is to use of the "sky billboard" services. For reasonable fee, one of these services will construct a large banner (say, five meters high and a hundred meters long) and tow it behind a small aircraft. The noisy piston engined propeller aircraft flies low and slow over the area of your choice (subject to local regulations), and makes as many passes as you care to pay for.

    This works best if the assembly is not being held in a domed stadium. Yet even in that case, a few passes in the morning over the parking areas will get the job done.

    One can also pay for multiple banners, flown on sequential flights, that taken together give longer messages. Just the anticipation of a another "apostate" message will give headaches to those who deserve such. If a flight can be made every half hour and keep to a schedule, soon everybody will be waiting for the next banner and will not be paying any attention to whatever "new light" is being flashed from the WTBTS speakers.

    It's too bad that airborne leaflet dropping is restricted by anti-littering statues, or that would be another idea.

    Think of it as a "Sign From Above".

  • Simon

    I believe that organised leaflet campaigns were effective in Japan and the information put out about the society in France has also had an effect.

    The trick is to do it in a way that they will read and consider and not instantly switch into defense 'all systems down' mode.

  • Prisca

    Big Jim,

    It's a good idea but there's one small problem - we don't all live in the same country!! Be nice if we did, though....

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