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    Funchback Mister Biggs or whoever you are these days. Hit me off an e-mail. I've read some threads and I see you are making strides on your way out. From what I read our lives are still running parallell. But you are way in front.

    If you remember you were one of the first to respond to my initital post and help me on my way out.

    Then you go MIA on me change your name lock your e-mail and now I feel offended. So if you read this please respond.

    Also I put it in this section so as not to piss anyone off by putting it in friends.


  • Funchback

    Yo, DIAMOND!

    Sorry I took so long to respond but I have been away from the Forum recently because I began a new job and I'm in training and I don't have internet access at this new job. I didn't announce it but I have been laid off since October 4, 2002. I just now found a job. Sheesh! The job market sucks! LOL!

    I'll e-mail you today or tomorrow and give you an update. Also, you (or anyone) can e-mail me at: [email protected]

    Take care, dude!


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