The Karen Carpenter Story

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  • ExpandedMind

    Does anyone know where I can purchase a copy of the TV movie "The Karen Carpenter Story"?

    I taped it when it first aired, and then lent it to a friend, who accidentally lost it. Since then I have emailed several "Carpenter" websites and never have received a response.

    I'd appreciate any information anyone has! Thanks!


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  • TresHappy

    Since it was the 20th anniversary of her death yesterday, it will probably be playing on some cable station soon. I saw it about a month ago. I hadn't seen since it was first broadcast in 1989. Very sad story. Karen had a wonderful voice...what a tragic loss of life.

  • LyinEyes

    Yes , the movie was on last nite, I have directv and I think it was on the true stories channel.

    My kids watched it with me, and I remembered how much I loved her voice, it was hauntingly beautiful, perfection.

    My daughter I especailly wanted to watch it, because so many young girls have eating disorders and the pressure begins soon for them to watch their weight. My daughter is 9 but tall for her age and I can see the self esteem issues starting.

    Her Aunt, almost died 2 yrs ago from an eating disorder and it was also a medical disorder, she was down to 87 lbs, at 5'5,,,,,, they were not even sure if she would survive the surgery to correct a bothced stomach stapling operation years ago.

    We were all there at the hospital with her and she made it thru and in no time starting put weight back on and is working full time now, and looks healthy.

    Too bad Karen Carpenter starting getting better only to have caused too much damage to her heart.

    In the movie, anyway it did give the impression she was trying to heal and was making peace with herself and her family. But like I said the damage to her heart was too much.

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