Francois, A Few Questions

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  • Guest 77
    Guest 77

    Good day Frank. Yes, I have been following your post with SP. My question to you is, are you a perfectionists? I ask this question based on past experience, I think you get the drift. When reporting do you tend to express you personal opinions ? Do you always allow your emotions to shine through or only on personal matters?

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  • LuckyLucy

    I would say he is more of an egotistic jerk.He loathes woman and especially black women. He THINKS he is highly intelligent (cuz he'll tell you that over and over again)

  • searcher

    Here we go again. !



  • Guest 77
    Guest 77

    Searcher, my post to francois is innocent, why the "Here we go again?" Why do some on this forum jump the gun, why?

    Guest 77

  • Francois

    P>Lucky Lucy when you say that I loathe women, especially black ones, you're doing nothing but pulling your opinion straight out of your ass. And you're welcome to it. </P>

    <P>I'm no longer a JW, but there ARE things the JWs believe that I feel are right on the money. One of these things is that only god knows what motivates a person. NOTE that this does not include YOU. You are apparently by your behavior of the type person who interprets any negative comment directed to a black person as motivated by ;"loathing" them. Now, I don't really feel, despite what you obviously think, that I'm the most intellectual guy on the block. But I'd be willing to state that I'm about ten million times more intellectually equiped than you. What this tells me is that you are 1) full of shit clear up to your eyeballs 2) feel you can say and do no wrong. Get lost LL, you bother me and you're no fun at all. Most people who are in love with themselves are not much fun. I've been on this board ;for about two years, and so far as I can remember this is the first really serious online argument I've ever been involved in. I'd have to chalk part of that up to the fact that I really don't care for know-it-all bubble heads like you telling me WHY I think what I think, and assigning motivations to me that I do not have. So, because it pleases me, don't look for any further posts from me. You are a total waste of time.</P>

    <P>Simon, if you're hovering over all this, aren't I correct? Isn't this about the first real argument I've ever been involved in on this board? Or am I just having a senior moment?</P>


    Guest - Um, perfectionistic? No, not really. Why do you ask? I do seek to be as good as I can be in my graphics work which I have to do along with my writing sometimes. And it's good to strive for in things of the Spirit. But perfection there is set as a goal, not ours by right of attainment now, as LL so clearly exemplifies. OH, JUST REMEMBERED. Some friends of mine from Texas are coming over in a couple of weeks, inspired by " in the Garden of Good & Evil" They want to see the town and I'm going to be tour guide and host. My friend is, as I tell her "blacker than the ace of spades." She's bringing 7 of her friends whom I've never met. FOUR of them are black women. Um, did I mention I'm married to a minority? SEE what kind of embarrassing situation people like Lucky Lucy can create for themselves when they shoot off their fucking mouths about something they don't know a damn thing about? I think she's lucky someone hasn't pushed her teeth down her throat for her, frankly.

    Anyway. Why do you ask?

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  • 4horsemen

    Good day, Guest77

    "Who do you think you are?" Is that the jist of your question to Francois?

    My response would be who does he have to be to express an opinion? The Christ? Budda? Ted Kennedy? (apologies to Jesus and Budda)

    Dan Marino (reference to those unfamilar: ex Miami Dolphins quarterback, Hall of Fame, yadda yadda) once was getting grilled by the press after yet another disappointing season. Marino snapped and implied that the only legit critiscism he would consider valid would be from someone who "played the game". Since Pop Warner.

    So in other words if you have not lived Francois life, experienced what he has felt, seen through his eyes, your critique of his opinions/posts are invalid

    Do you buy that?

    Of course not. And you should not have to in order to critically discuss his threads. But to have him first explain his... worthiness to offer an opinion of the State of his Union, so to speak before it's worthy of your approval of verification is a bit... weak.

    Agree to disagree.

  • Satanus

    All of this get frank stuff just shows that the old political correctness really is a religion. Religions don't allow vocal dissenters or individual tastes that fall outside of the religiously prescribes outlines. Hail the new dark ages.


  • Guest 77
    Guest 77

    4 Horseman, who do i think I am? #1 I'm me, and that me gives me the right to ask MY questions. Does that disturb you? If it does, then your barking up the wrong tree. Was this post directed to you? I think Francois is man enough to answer his OWN questions. How would you feel if I did exactly what you did, interfere or meddle into your personal posts? How do you know if francois and I did not have a previous difference of opinion? Is it your concern? Nobody needs my approval to post anything on this forum and I made that clear many moons ago. So, do you want to make my post to francois YOUR business?

    Francois, my asking the question is a matter of curiosity. People do and say things for many reasons. I've mentioned that I have patents on three inventions. Inventions just don't happen, they are thought out. To get a patent takes time, as it has to be original. As a professional golf teacher it is my job to understand the person's swing and how they can improve on it. I have stated before, that, I teach golfers to teach themselves. For them to become dependent on me is not teaching. I teach self reliance and confidence. What I do is time consuming, I have to view their swings over and over again on the video. Once I find what they need to work on, I then show them other swings on video and solict their comments and views.The most important thing is, is for me to learn if they have any physical handicaps, I must work within their strengths and weaknesses. To avoid any frustration on my part, I've learned to be patient with all students. I've seen other golf teachers yell and scream and give up on their students. Teaching golf is trying, believe me. The question dealing with your emotions, do people quickly irk or rub you the wrong way because they don't think things through or for other reasons? Let me stop here because I have other pressing matters to attend to.

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  • Guest 77
    Guest 77


    As professional in our fields, we're in the position to handle most circumstances cool and balanced. Nothing should rattle our cage unless we didn't get enough sleep, even that.

    When I was first learning the computer I was green as they come, through time and patience and still learning, I do my best under my circumstances. When I first learned about disgruntled witnesses, I was taken back and decided to peek in on some sites to learn, again, I was green as they come. Due to being green in this field, I was kicked around by a few exjw's on Randy's forum and that made me say, what's going on here, I then went to H20 and low and behold MORE IRRATE EXJW's. Knowing this, I made it my concern to check out this behavior. I was surprise to learn the lack of empathy for newbies. My curiosity and learning got me where I am today. All this exjw thing was brand new especially when I was heavily involved in my golf book. Did anyone take the time to set me straight about these people and forums? Hmmm. So, I've been to the school of hard knocks on forums of this nature. I try to look at things from a human standpoint and realistically. Is it natural? I grew up tough, tough neighborhood, tough occupations, and you know, I know more rough and tough ironworkers that are more kind and helpful than some of the people on these forums, that's shameful! Really, really shameful and embarrassing. As someone said on this forum about such people, what kind of people were they before they became JW's? A valid question.

    I think you know where I am getting at with this information. Shouldn't we as professional be more tolerant and patient with others because of our knowledge and experiences? Our we not in good positions to comfort and help others? I think so and I do.

    I certainly didn't appreciate the immature treatment I got in Randy's and H2O forum by some mindless individuals. I wonder if these people would have the moxie to have said, what they said, to my face rather than behind a screen, the playing field would have been even then. If and when I have a personal problem, I go to the person (source) or I will e-mail them providing I have their address, and say what I have to say. When it comes to personal matters it stays as such. I'm a stickler for minding my own business. I believe in respecting others. I'll stop here for now as I'm going to my local coffee shop where we talk shop, community affairs. I'm involved with some community political projects. I must say, it's very interesting, I do it for the education and experience. I'll always be a 'babe' when it comes to learning! Good day.

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