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  • sf

    Hello again there "Focus".

    It is certainly a sight for my eyes to see all posts from you, yet
    this particular one wrenched my gut as soon as I read this>

    Focus wrote: On each landing, opposite the lift-shaft, the poster with the enormous face gazed from the wall. It was one of those pictures which are so contrived that the eyes follow you about when you move. BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU, the caption beneath it ran.

    What, you might be asking yourself, wrenched my gut? The lift-shaft!

    "Focus", I'm not sure you remember a post I, Scallywagger, posted about a year ago re: a very dramatic, terrifying yet mesmerizing dream about being inside a warehouse-type building which seemed to be of gold; everything was gold...EVEN THE LIFT-SHAFT!! But "Focus", as the dream was going on, i was tring to figure out what it was i was on that was lifting me to the top of the enormous warehouse. When you said "lift-shaft", my stomach went in knots, i had palpitations and tears welled up. I had to step away from the post and access the connection and the reaction to the connection.

    Now let me finish out the dream for you:

    As soon as i was in the dream i was accessing it, therefore i was paying very close attention to every detail i could and still flow with the dream. As i said, the recall starts by standing atop a "lift-shaft". The very first thing i notice is the incredible amount of wind blowing inside a confined area that i am standing on, yet the wind isnt wind, its from propulsion, as i'll explain in a moment. As i am standing there holding on to the lift itself, i begin to notice everything around the outside wind force, is gold. The walls, the lift, the enclosed type wind funnel i seem to be in and then its as if the lift-shaft is being propelled up by this loud, propulsive wind force. As it is lifting the "lift-shaft" that i am standing on, i look out around and continue to see everything is made out of gold, or at least i am accessing it that way in the dream, as i am being propelled higher and higher. I tell mself in the dream, "wait til i tell this dream, it will BLOW them away" (knowing as i was dreaming, that i would be sharing this dream in a post, which i did a while back). Right then as i was about to reach the top of the warehouse, which had a square piece of the roof cut out and i could see the sky, i could also see nothing that would indicatewhat was propelling me so fiercely, but i did KNOW, W/OUT A DOUBT, at that moment, just where i was. I was indeed inside the walls of The Watchtower. At that realization, i wasnt scared, not yet! I was so stunned that i was even in this dream that i tried so hard not to be scared, so that i wouldnt wake up. I wanted it to finish out, even if it would terrify me, which is what the feeling began to overcome me as soon as i looked to the left of me. There "it" was, in huge, giant, block letters, which seemed to be gold underneath, read: "BLOOD"! In the color of blood red. It was being lowered invisibly by two cables, to the left of the shaft. It started to "sway" and THATS when i felt terrified. It swayed closer and closer to me. I kept looking up to the cut out roof and looking at the sky and thinking, "ok, i'm done here, i want out". Then the wind force blew me out the warehouse and i woke up.

    "Focus", I love your "work" and i love your works. I appreciate you, your time, effort, emotion, wisdom and percision in the endeavors ou put forth daily in the fight to shout to all nations, the incredible amount of corruption that exists inside that very tower of BLOOD and GOLD. I connect with you, "PB" and Talley in ways that for me, are very dynamic and its a great feeling to know that i do. Somehow, i feel safe, very safe. My wish would be to someday, be able to directly speak with you and "PB" and vomit everything i ever felt and feel about this organization, because i feel exactl the same way, and i want at least one other person to KNOW it too...fully. Why i choose would choose either one of you, must be obvious by now.

    Now, could i ask what you think, feel and/ or observed as any connection this dream has to "The Watchtower" that YOU just wrote?

    Thank you sincerely, Scally

  • Focus

    Scally wrote:

    could i ask what you think, feel and/ or observed as any connection this dream has to "The Watchtower" that YOU just wrote?

    Sorry, I do not have all the answers (but loved the account). Let me be irreverent and ask how much pizza did you eat on the evening before? Also, the Watchtower does not believe in gold; bullion has been a really poor investment over the last decade. Bull is more to the WT's tastes... and real estate and bonds.

    Somehow, i feel safe, very safe

    Well, there is no mad killer "Gawd" out there - and most people are pretty nice most of the time. Which puts paid to the two fundamental WT lies.

    As to the meeting - that may be hard to arrange, as I believe you are in Australia. And I am not... Talley is in NC, as you know - and as for The PB - they seek him here, they seek him there...

    Your kind words are truly appreciated. If you want to communicate off-forum, mailto: (no, my name is not "jan") and tell me here when you have done so (it is quite complex for me to retrieve emails, so I do not normally monitor the account.

    (Love Class)

  • VeniceIT

    SF--ALL I can say is WOW!!!


  • sf

    Dear "Focus",
    Thank ou so much for your reply. I am however, in Ventura County California USA. Any easier now to meet?

    I shall send an email post-haste. And thanks again "Focus".


  • sf

    Ok, I sent out the email just now...2:11 am my time.

    Should come very soon. Thanks again.


  • Focus

    Can take upward of a day for me to retrieve - but process started.

    (Focus Class)

  • patio34


    I'm in the same area. Please e-mail me and let me know where you are, eh?


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