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  • SYN

    Yours Truly has probably posted something similiar to this before, but Yours Truly also happens to be too lazy to wade through 9 pages of previous threads to go & look for it.

    This is one of my more serious posts , and is sort of a combined rant about Dubs and weak sci-fi, the type so beloved of conspiracy theorists.

    Now, while I do definitely take interest in the writings and rantings of the conspiracy theorists out there, that is all they are, theories. I have yet to see any of these theories being vindicated. Then again, most of the theories dwell on topics that could never possibly be vindicated either way, e.g. Roswell or Area 51 conspiracies.

    To get back to my main point, and this topic has been mentioned before, Dubs appear to be living in a sort of dream world. This is quite clear.

    The only problem with their dream world, and that of a lot of highly religious people (no slagging - one of the most religious people I know, my own grandmother, is also one of the best, nicest, kindest people I know ) reside in, is that they live in this world created from ideas, ideas which are entirely manufactured by other people. Bear me out here, and you'll see what I mean. Let's take Christianity as an example, since that is the dominant religion on this board (or some flavour of it, at least):

    1. The Bible was written by men. In fact, the writers of the Bible admit this themselves, although saying they were "inspired" etc.
    2. It is a demonstratable fact that there are inconsistencies and fallacies in the Bible.
    3. All of the events in the Bible happened thousands of years ago.
    4. All of the miraculous events are non-reproducable. For instance, walking on water, and Jesus' miracles. As the books of the Bible get older, so the miracles become less reproducible, e.g. crossing the Red Sea.
    5. All of the chief characters in the Bible (God, Jesus, the "Holy Spirit") are nowhere to be found and/or invisible.

    Above is a small summary of what it is I've learnt about Christianity in my 20 or so years on this world. If I'm wrong about something, please correct me. I'm always seeking real TRUTH, and of course, I'm a believer in the scientific way of doing things.

    Returning to my point about the Matrix, it would seem that the admittedly weak and watery story of the Matrix contains some striking parallels with the situation of many Jehovah's Witnesses. Remembering that our minds are entirely composed of input (be it ribonucleic or sensory), it turns out that it's very easy to see where the Dubs are going wrong. How many Witnesses, if asked, can site comprehensive references to all the Bible-related archeological digs ever made? How many Witnesses have deeply researched their own books? Worst of all, how many Witnesses have read most of the publications of the Watchtower Society?

    Needless to say, very, very few have. Those that do, do not usually stay Witnesses for very long. The Society has a record for writing things that are at once entirely pompous and lethal, in some instances, a sort of 21st Century Hitler, albeit this time with far more power and control than Hitler could ever have dreamed of. The Blood Policy is a good example of the former. If it wasn't for the tragic loss of lives associated with the Blood Policy, it would actually be hilarious. In a nutshell, the Society has banned whole blood transfusions in the past, but during the last few decades blood portions have become permissable. It is becoming apparent that this policy is being run into the ground and will soon become a thing of the past, in a round-about sort of way. The Tower (or at least Tower Legal) is very well aware of the fact that if they dump this policy outright, it will cause a very large reaction from people who have lost loved ones because of it, and they will be in the crosshairs. So, devious as they are, the Legal Beagles are gently phasing it out, without making a splash.

    Once again, this reflects back on the basis of Witness beliefs, the Bible. When the Bible was written, nobody knew that blood was not a single, homogenous liquid, as it appears to be to the naked eye. This knowledge was simply not possessed by anyone before the invention of the microscope. If you were someone living 2000 years ago, you'd most likely assume that blood was basically just water with a different colour and viscosity, because that is exactly what it appears to be. But, look deeper, use science, and you see that there is a more complex truth behind the true nature of the liquid that forms a vital part of all bodily processes. Those Biblical people knew that blood was very important for the functioning of the human body, so it found it's way into their beliefs and teachings. Unfortunately, their knowledge of blood was incomplete, and this fundamental ignorance has been carried forward to today by the Watchtower Society, as any half-way intelligent person can see immediately.

    It's actually very surprising that more Witnesses don't realize the true import of the Blood Policy on their religion. This book, which they base everything on, including the much-maligned and completely atrocious Child Molestation Policy, is by definition the writings of people who did not know that blood was made of different types of cells. As such, they are using it to guide themselves through life. To my mind, this is a terrible mistake.The blind epileptic elephant on crack is leading the bull through the china shop.

    Of course, I'm oversimplifying the Bible. It's more than just a bunch of books - some of the principles and things people say in it are very good things. For instance, the Sermon on the Mount was a great way to show how humans should treat each other. You cannot just take the Bible in one lump - it has to be dissected to be understood correctly.

    But, that doesn't mean you can just go ahead and base your life on this book. The Bible is a read-only book. What this effectively means is that you cannot consult with the original authors and get them to edit and update it for the next edition. It's there, it's not changeable, not questionable, and it is the instrument of much human suffering, although this is lessening to an extent in modern times. And yet, people base all their beliefs and entire lives on this book! Witnesses are an excellent example of this practise.They are effectively enmeshed in a double-blind conspiracy, although I'm slowly beginning to understand today that the original people who created this conspiracy created one of the greatest conspiracies of all, a conspiracy that not even it's creators realize exists - truly a monstrous thing.

    God pity their souls (wherever you are). As my mother would say, the road to Hell is paved with good intentions.

    Intrinsic to the Witness religion is the read-only nature of their teaching. You are not allowed to change what you are taught, there is absolutely no democratic process involved. Of course, a semblance of choice is given at the very top, where the Governing Body votes on things that will affect the lives of 6 million people. Here we have one of the most horrifying things I can possibly imagine, barring another Pet Shop Boys album, a group of men who vote on whether people will live or die, based on their own interpretations of the words of writers who, without exception, kicked the bucket thousands of years ago. One thing that still astounds me to this day is the Malawi/Mexico fracas, wherein a group of Publishers in Malawi were forced to die for their faith, while the GB allowed certain Mexican Publishers in very similiar conditions to purchase little "cartilas" that allowed them to continue unmolested. Looked at from an outside perspective, it's obvious that the GB really didn't give a flying **** about the Malawian brothers.

    When will the Witnesses finally wise up? It's very hard to articulate and understand something you cannot see, or feel, only know. It is a little bit like a fish trying to prove that water does not exist. That would be the closest analogy I could think of for this situation for a Witness. As many Witnesses say when shown damning evidence of doctrinal cock-ups and lethal Tower policies, "Where else can you go?"

    The question is answered by realizing that there is only one place to go, and that place is known as the World After The Governing Body.

    Many here hold out hope that one day soon the Tower will make it's policies less dangerous and more kind to the average Publisher, and my heart yearns for this doping-down of laws and teachings which have taken hundreds, if not thousands, of lives already.

    I hope that day will come soon.

    [SYN], Tired Fingers Class.

  • gumby

    Hey SYN,

    Thanks for your work in putting this together. I have a point of disagreement with you though.

    How many Witnesses have deeply researched their own books? Worst of all, how many Witnesses have read most of the publications of the Watchtower Society?

    Needless to say, very, very few have. Those that do, do not usually stay Witnesses for very long.

    I must say......this didn't apply to me or any of the other studious ones I knew. It didn't apply to some CO's I knew who were VERY studious. Deeper study of witness theology doesn't bring ones closer to an understanding of their falsehood once you believe THEY have the only truth. You simply pass it off as "one of those things you don't understand".

    I'm not saying many have not left by a deep study, I'm saying I don't think it is a BIG factor. Certain people......and usually ONLY certain people will NOT buy into things they don't understand. Those are the GOATS


  • SYN

    Hi Gumby!

    This just goes to show that you should never generalize. Eesh.

    I do agree with you. What I really should have said there is that there are very few Witnesses who have read all of the very early publications and know all the changes in doctrine the Society has made, down to the finest detail, like some of the people in this site. That's because that sort of thing is strongly discouraged by the Society, for obvious reasons.

  • peacefulpete

    Nice comments...The Matrix movie was deliberately drawing frm the familiar Christian tory as many sci-fi stories do. The part I enjoyed most was when their comrad turns traitor in exchange for his returning to the matrix with memories erased. I asked myself, would I prefer to not know the facts that have now changed me forever? Who would I be willing to hurt to have my ignorance back? Or would I be strong and face the facts, knowing this will require a reinventing of myself. We the audience in such a movie are faced with some soul seaching questions.

  • Elsewhere

    I'd like to throw something out on the table for everyone to think about...

    Have you ever considered how a JW would view the movie? (A naughty JW because he shouldn't be watching R rated movies to begin with)

    Perhaps a JW will see Zion as the Organization saving people from the control of Satins world. Taking people out of the Matrix is like bringing a person into the Organization. Once they are out, they too start working to take others out of Satans evil system of things. They are the few who know "the truth" about the world and what it is really about. They are the persecuted minority working to save people from a horrible fate, running and hiding from Satan's evil Sentinels and Agents.

    What'cha think?

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  • truthseeker1

    Else & SYN:

    I watched it as a dub on the way out and made the same comparisons. My ex, who is a faithful? dub watched it too. Well, first when she found out I went to see it in the theatre she got all bent and told the elders I went to see an R rated movie. I just LOL'd. Well, it comes out on video and her sister says how awesome of a movie it is, so we watch it together and she loves it. It becomes her favoriate movie. A little while ago, I made the comparison to her about the WT/Matrix and she denied any similarities. I said some people should stay in because they can't handle the truth that is out there. Her only defense was that the Matrix was a story and her beliefs are the truth. Needles to say, that was the end of that conversation.

    You just can't discuss things with a dub.

  • A Paduan
    A Paduan

    It's actually very surprising that more Witnesses don't realize the true import of the Blood Policy on their religion.

    The blood policy closely parallels the "sacrifice of virgins" to the volcano, or whatever minority that some tribes would have - to whatever imaginary terrible god they would entertain.

    Everything seems ok, and the god is satisfied (?) by the sacrifice - until it becomes your turn - then some try to welch out - others run - others are condemned for noncompliance - and some simply believe their relatives and put on the brave face for death.

    The wt is so primitive it should be studied more by college grads.


  • 4horsemen


    Excellent post.

    Just one question. Say a modern day Jesus walked among us today and had some hybrid message of all the religions of the world. Or some new one.

    Then you saw him: walk on water, raise the dead(decomposing), etc. What would you think of his message? Divinely inspired? Or a Tony Robbins coal walk huckster?

    Are we (me) so weak, so jaded, so often burned in the past that we need to see a superhuman feat in order to believe, and put aside our differences and treat others decently?

    If God exists, he is merely a really powerful scientist.

  • SYN

    Elsewhere: An interesting analogy...didn't think about that one...

    TS1: "Her only defense was that the Matrix was a story and her beliefs are the truth." Now, try and get her to disprove the Turing Test!

    A Paduan: " The wt is so primitive it should be studied more by college grads." Excellent point!

    4HorseMen: You raise some very interesting points. If a modern-day Jesus did pitch up and start performing miracles, he would probably only make it onto the back pages of The Sun, if anything, then be forgotten about. The whole Jesus marketing concept as it existed 2000 years ago simply wouldn't work in our media-drenched, scientifically-minded times.

    Certainly, if he could demonstrably reproduce real miracles, i.e. things our science cannot do at all, for instance, teleportation and such, then I would have to believe, wouldn't I? But then the ugly problem of who exactly he is and who sent him, and/or what he wants from us will also come into play.

    It's basically a big ole hairball.

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