Me Too!

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  • MsTryst

    I am in se texas too.. transplanted from so cal.. exjw since 94..

    located in San Antonio for a four more weeks, then transferring back to houston...

    would love to meet up with fellow apostates <EG>

    Hi Auntie!!!


  • Jesika

    Well, we are all getting together on March 1st. Think you could make it???

    Welcome to the board!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • xjw_b12

    Ms Tryst. That name is going to get some attention for sure !

    would love to meet up with fellow apostates

    Is that with a group, or just one on one ?

    Welcome to the board

  • MsTryst

    March 1st.. Dang It... i will be moving that weekend.. so maybe the next one.. <pout>

    hehehe and as far as meeting... Ya never Know.. one on one or a group..

  • ring

    Welcome to the board Ms Tryst

  • Auntie Flame
    Auntie Flame

    Hi, Ms. Tryst! Good to hear from you....I took the liberty of emailing you privately re: our close proximity after your Houston move...looks like we'll be in easy traveling distance of each other...and I can introduce you to Country Girl...she lives near Elgin, close to Austin...

    So glad you're coming to our area....In what part of So. Cal. were you living? I lived in Escondido and made my exodus from the borg there in 1992...

    Auntie Flame

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