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  • Sabin
    I don't know if it is the same where you are but where I live it is a common practise of JDub`s to withdraw their kid`s from school at about year 8 even younger in some cases. They say they are being home schooled & of cause they do cover a certain amount of school topics. Don't get me wrong I`m not saying that it is wrong to home school a youngster, especially if they are being bullied or suffering in some way, but the JDub`s don't do it for this purpose, oh no their kid`s are out on the field service during what would be school hours. I`m not talking here of a couple of kid`s I`m talking a mass. For those that do manage to stay they never go past year 10, I know of only 2. One was my own kid the other an elders daughter that did go on to uni. We have many congs here some have upward of 20 youngsters in them, it is so sad & I personally find it disgraceful, Is it the same where you are?
  • Tenacious

    This is also an issue that is becoming very common around my hometown.

    The excuse is always avoiding bad influences that can lead to trouble yada, yada.

    My thinking is the kid is going to have to experience the world someday so trying to overprotect him now will only result in shock later on. The kid has to display where his loyalty lies and if he really is faithful to God. Parents trying to ingrain a belief or doctrine into someone who doesn't except it or believe it is useless to God. So therefore, protecting a child who is encouraged to make the biggest decision of his life in baptism while still a preteen or teen, yet is unable to care for himself spiritually. Makes sense?

    I see the similarity in teaching a kid at home in a driving simulator how to drive. Once the kid passes the driving tests and hits the road he will be shocked to actually experience the true nature and emotions that come with driving a 3000 lb vehicle around other real cars, trucks, buses, trains, bikes, mopeds, and people. It's just not the same.

  • NewYork44M

    Home schooling is quite common among JWs. Based upon my observation the few successes were far overshadowed by the embarrassing failures.

    I sent my kids to school and never apologized for it.

  • dubstepped

    It really turns my stomach. Why? Because I've watched the effects of it. It has been hot here since I was a kid, and I'm thankful that I went to traditional schools and got the education I could, as I was discouraged from going any further. I've seen this in my own family and one member didn't graduate or even get their GED and it obviously impacted their employment thereafter. The other member that I watched do it graduated from the accredited online program, but dear God, a monkey could do the work they were assigned. It was perfect for JW's though, as all they had to do was regurgitate information in open book tests on the simplest of subjects. My wife actually was home schooled, which primarily consisted of her codependent needy mom using her for company the whole time and discouraging her from doing her school work. My wife never graduated, so I pushed her to get her GED when we got married.

    I do realize that there are kids that can come out of a home schooling process with a wonderful education. However, that would more likely happen when their parents are educated themselves. Otherwise it is the blind leading the blind. Go over to JW Talk and read their forum on home schooling. Holy crap, those people are dumber than rocks and they're looking for any excuse not to teach their children anything not from a Watchtower magazine or to use the ministry hours to substitute for more traditional schooling. The parents over their can barely string together a coherent sentence and couldn't spell their way into a remedial English class, but they're all educators now, teaching the next generation.........errrr............overlapping generation???? With an organization that can't even figure out the meaning of simple words and/or concepts, what hope do the kids have?

    Parents, if you want to limit your own lives, go right ahead. Knock yourselves out. DO NOT jeopardize the futures of your kids and limit them simply because you need a buddy or want them to follow a predetermined course destined by the organization that you blindly serve.

  • BlackWolf
    Well I'm 16 and have homeschooled for most of my life. I've traveled around a bit and it seems like the majority of jws homeschool (more like unschool) their kids. Its really quite sad. I've never met a happy homeschooled jw. Its extremely isolating. :(
  • Ghiagirl
    My parents tried to homeschool me around grade 10 cause I was "getting in to trouble" aka being a normal teenager. But I convinced them not too. Now my brother is going to be a senior they got him to homeschool I believe freshman year! Never even got to experience high school. On top of that they want him to work for the family business. So basically have zero contact with the outside world. He is however happy homeschooling my family travels a lot and all his friends are homeschooled, of course. But it makes his chances of ever getting out so slim because that's all he knows and will never have the opportunity to build relationships outside of the jws for school and work! It's a trap!
  • garyneal

    I do not know too many witnesses who home school. Of course, I do not know too many witnesses outside my wife's family, a couple of cousins of my mom, some former Wal-mart coworkers, a friend, and some members of my wife's congregation. I just never hear her talk about homeschooling except in a negative way.

    I do, however, know of some fundamentalist Christians who home school as well as an anti-vaxxer mom who I used to attend church (and is actually a somewhat liberal Christian) with recently who also home schools.

    I find it odd that for so many witnesses who home school that the Watchtower does not provide some teaching materials for these home schoolers. I know fundamentalist Christians sure have their strictly Bible based educational sources.

  • freddo
    Home school + JW usually means the kids end up somewhere between "crazy zealot" with limited social and work skills and "sloppy loser" with limited social and zero work skills.

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