Bush funding missionaries

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  • gsx1138

    This really worries me on several levels. All of this faith based government funding flies in the face of the constitution.


  • Xander

    But at a time when the U.S. faces increasing heat from allies and enemies alike for being, at best, an overly dominant culture and, at worst, a relentless crusader, perhaps there's a better way to promote understanding than sending missionaries to do the job of ambassadors.

    'An overly dominant culture' - LOL.

    Indeed, 'at best'. More American arrogance, of course. If they aren't like us, they must be wrong, and we are HELPING them by forcing them to become more like us.

    After all, *we* couldn't possibly be wrong, could we?

  • Adonai438

    I know I may be in the minority here but heres my 2cents perspective:

    While I do agree that witnessing/evangelising for a religion should not be funded by the government-- This is NOT what extending funding to social work done by people who happen to be religious does. This actually equalizes the playing field for government grants for social betterment work.

    There are strict guide-lines, from what I've read, of what can qualify for federal assistance. Any religious organization does not qualify by purely being a non-profit agency--- They have to be doing specific social work with no strings attatched-- which MANY do.

    I think its actually incredibly prejudiced to give $ to agencies that do social work (adoption, feed the poor, shelters, food shelves, etc....) But to purposly refuse to grant funds for the exact same work if it is done by a religious person or agency. That is discrimintaion-- it's judging whose social contribution is worth supporting based on religion of the owners/founders/volunteers.

    As a side note: I have personal experience in being FORCED to a private organization for federal assistance that is worse. While in High School after the JWs had me kicked out of my home I applied for welfare to pay for the room I was renting and to stay in school. Since I was underage I was required to meet regularly at a private teen shelter for approval of funds. This shelter was private owned but supported by governement money-- It was the most disgusting place I have EVER been in. It was in the worst possible neighborhood of our city, it was run down, seedy characters always lined the alley that you had to go through to get to the entrance, once inside there was baskets of condoms on every table and "interesting" posters line the walls. The person I was to meet with asked me pages and pages of questions on my sex life--- I was 15 and a virgin-- and refused to accpet my answers that I was a virgin and badgered me for the truth. She lectured me on my attitude when I refused to change my story that I was a virgin and started pressuring me to take life seriously and that I needed to prepare for responsible sex. I told her with all due respect that although it was none of her business - that I plan on remaining a virgin till marragie and she laughed at me and offered more condoms. I was disgusted with the disrespect and called the Government offices and requested I be given a different contact and they refused saying all social work has been contracted out to this private organization-- I asked them to then adjust the attitude of their agents then because I was very offended-- They said they couldn't do anything because it was a private organization.MY ***POINT IN THIS STORY IS: The Government much before the time of Bush already gives $ to private organizations with sociological and religious agendas-- they just aren't christian or moral views.

    A whole other issue is whether the christians should ask for money being as its their God-given responsibilty to use whatever $ and resources they personally have they to help the poor and those in need-- and the government does not owe them money for that--- BUT if $ is available it should be equally available to all who are contributing to society. I personally think the government should just do what it has to period without giving $ to any private agencies period but as long as there is federal funding for private social work it should be across the board and equal.

    Okie- that was a little more than 2cents worth-lol


  • Xander

    The Government much before the time of Bush already gives $ to private organizations with sociological and religious agendas-- they just aren't christian or moral views

    And would you have been happier if she kept bugging you on if you were 'really' a christian? Insisting that you MUST accept jesus into your heart, and trying to force you to take a bible?

    I know which one would make me wretch first.

    Giving someone 'down on their luck' condoms prevents the spread of disease if they are/become sexually active (most do).

    Giving someone 'down on their luck' a bible breeds bipolar disorders.

    Thanks, but I'm happier keeping religion OUT of social services.

    And, with all due respect:

    that I plan on remaining a virgin till marragie and she laughed at me and offered more condoms.

    is the appropriate response. At 15 you have no idea at all what you are doing or where your life is going. Maybe you will (would?) remain a virgin until your wedding. Great. Pat yourself on the back with the other 10% of Americans whose example you follow. (Yes, it really is only 10% who are virgins on their wedding night. Handing out condoms IS the appropriate response to slow disease, cause nothing else is working! BTW, for those bible-thumpers, did you know the divorce rate for non-denominational Protestants is 150% the rate for atheists/agnostics? And, baptists aren't far behind, even 'mainstream protestant' churches maintain a higher divorce rate than atheists -25% of marriages vs 21%. Strange, huh?)


    In short, to summarize my response, adding religion to social platforms NEVER helps, and, indeed, most of the time, the behavior they encourage is counterproductive to society as a whole IN THE EXTREME.

  • DanTheMan
    Giving someone 'down on their luck' a bible breeds bipolar disorders.


  • Xander
    Giving someone 'down on their luck' a bible breeds bipolar disorders.


    Well, now, really. Think of their message.

    "Sex is the most disgusting and vile thing two humans can do, and the cause of mankind's original fall from god's grace. And you should save it for someone you love enough to swear the rest of your life to."

    "God gives you exactly one human lifespan to acknowledge that he is the kindest, most loving being in the universe - or he'll torture you for all eternity in everlasting burning hellfire!"

    I mean, c'MON.

    And, think about THIS, this funding was in the amount of $700,000. Would YOU trust that much money to people whose religion is that the above comments make sense?

    *WHAT* *FE* *THUCK*

  • seedy3

    I find all too amazing, the Fundie christians think that the only way out of problems in life is through "Jesus", the only way to lick drugs and alcohol, depression and such is with "God" (The bible God that is) and yet if you really look at it it is the christian countries that have the most problems. I know all areas of the world have their own social problems but they seem to be compounded in those in christian areas.

    You don't need the bible to be a deicent person, you don't need god to be a giving/helpful person, you don't need church to be an honest person, and you SURE don't need some FUNDIES like the GB or Pat Robertson telling you how to be a decent human.


  • DanTheMan

    Bush funding missionaries

    Bush is a Fundie missionary

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