Have you ever ??

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  • tazmaniac

    Has anyone ever run into witnesses in a place where they shouldnt be (ie: strip club, buying lottery tickets etc) ??
  • TR

    I ran into 'hovahs at a wild night club several years ago. They even shunned me there!


  • pr_capone

    LMAO, I went to a couple of strip clubs with some.... does that count?

  • liquidsky

    Just recently I ran into one of my close JW freinds that I hadn't seen for a couple years. He was out with an old 'worldy' highschool friend of mine who is gay.

  • happyout

    I once ran into a brother at a night club without his wife. He had already been unfaithful, and been forgiven and blah blah, but there he was, and it looked as though he were alone. They actually lived about an hour away from the club, I wondered where his wife thought he was. He saw me, and had this weird look on his face, like he was wondering if I was going to tell. I didn't tell his wife, because she and I were not close, but I did tell a relative of hers so that they could decide if she needed to know. That couple is now getting divorced.

  • Jesika

    I was a stripper for yrs, and I ran into a couple of JW's in the clubs.

    Can you believe they had the nerve to say I shouldn't be stripping??????!!!!!!!

    So, I told them not only should they NOT be here (strip club), but I was disfellowshiped and shouldn't be talking to me in the first place.

    Ignorant, haughty F**kers!!!!!!!!!!


  • Swan

    Good for you Jesika!

    Bloody hypocrites!


    Oh yeah!

    I ran into one guy who I know was a JW, at a bar with a rather dubious clientele.

    He never acknowledged me, although he saw me. Since then, he has avoided me like the plague.

    Pitiful existence. Not sure where he is these days, but he was an arrogant prick, but seeing him there was like 'GOTCHA'. I just smiled to myself .

    HEY LOOK, I'm almost a Master Member (200 mark, woohoo!).

  • tazmaniac

    I was doing a favor for a sister in my cong. She is one of the "annointed". While working on her car a pile of lottery tickets fell down from on top of the sun visor. She said they were all from the previous owner. Well....2 things....one : the former owner was a witness Two : the tickets were all less than 3 months old and she owned the car for over a year.

  • obiwan


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