Asking to reduce the local Bethel family: a know management strategy

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  • Gorbatchov

    Gorby has worked in some management positions and is now an management advisor for a > 20.000 employee corporation.

    Once in the five years we have reorganizations, integrations and restructures.

    One of the used strategy's is to ask the people the following question:

    "If you had to reduce 50% of your work, what priority's would you choose?"

    So, we ask our employee feedback for a 50% reduce of their work. And implement a reduce of 30%.

    The employee is happy that we are so stupid to implement 30% and we are happy the employee is so stupid to give "cart blanche", an insight in his real work.

    Management would not be management if they fight with their follow managers to implement the biggest reduce rate.

    And the advisor is the "laughing third" seeing the managers running on the floor.

    That's what happens now at the Bethel's worldwide. On the different levels the organizational people are searching to get the biggest reduce rate.

    That's the strategy behind "Asking to reduce the staff".

    In the Netherlands it's called the McKinsey method.


  • steve2
    Yes, one of the main principles of management is to appear to listen to your employees whilst proceeding all along - but discretetly, of course - with what you had intended to implement anyway.
  • out4good4


    the old management principle of the illusion of inclusion.

    I've seen this management style in action many a time, particularly when new management comes in with mandate as a change agent.

  • kramer

    really? you ask employees how to reduce 50% of the work force? what sort of stupid management would do that, maybe to a select group of people in a workshop setting to kick around options, and every five years the firm you claim to advise reduces the work force by 30%??? this is nonsense, almost as nonsense as the post you made the other day about your 'non-witness insider' professor, with special access to the financials of the watchtower - dream on

  • Gorbatchov

    kramer, so i'm, writing nonsense.

    A famous Dutch saying is: "are you so stupid, or am I so smart?"

    Thanks for your constructive comment and go fuck yourself, ashole.

    Regards, Gorby

  • careful

    There's nothing like running a religion like a modern business/corporation. Doubtless the way the apostles worked in the first century! And the WTS/JWs are so eager to put down the churches for not being like the earliest Christians...

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