Reason #2 Why the 'Truth' isn't True

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  • metatron

    Once upon a time, a cartoon appeared showing a young man holding a sign that said
    "The End Is Near!" while talking to a person on the street.

    The caption read "It's a good business, I inherited it from my grandfather!"

    Indeed, MANY Witnesses inherited this 'business' from grandparents , literal or
    otherwise! Yet, year after year, DECADE AFTER DECADE, they never seem to 'catch on'
    to the silliness of urgently preaching Armageddon - spurred on by the false prophecy
    and false expectations broadcast by the Watchtower Society. Isn't there something
    inherently CRAZY or stupid- beyond- reckoning to have a 120 year old organization
    faithfully preaching 'that the End is Soon'!!!!

    Imagine any business that told you your order would be shipped to you "soon", while
    you wait for ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY YEARS! Such nonsense would doom any normal,
    honest company within months, not years. Government inspectors would issue arrests
    for mail fraud and the business would gain a rightful reputation for corrupt business
    practises. Why should the Watchtower appear any different?

    The entire organization exists today SIMPLY BECAUSE OF FALSE PROPHECY! If even one
    prediction of The End had ever come true, WE WOULDN'T BE HERE writing on the internet
    about idiots Witnesses are! The Watchtower has depended for decades on its false
    expectations to gain converts, improve donations, and increase meeting attendance.
    False prophecy is the VERY CORNERSTONE and support of the Watchtower, not a minor
    theme sprinkled across parts of three centuries.

    Let your jaw drop too after reading countless Watchtowers that RECOMMEND AN ENTIRE
    LIFETIME WASTED IN FALSE PROPHECY! Even main study articles will praise elderly
    Witnesses for using an entire adult lifespan falsely preaching that the End is "soon"!

    In wisdom, the Bible said that no one should 'fear' the words or authority of a false
    prophet - BECAUSE IT'S JUST GOOD COMMON SENSE! Why should you respect any 'authority'
    that's wrong again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again
    and again ( is the point here getting thru to you lurkers?) and again and again?
    Would logic ever tell you that falsehood repeated over and over and over and over
    is associated with GOD? ----or the Devil?

    Herein is why the 'Truth' can't be true
    Because it hasn't been TRUE for ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY YEARS!


  • MacHislopp

    Hello Metatron,

    thanks for the comments!

    I do like the end:

    "Because it hasn't been


    Just concise, true, logical ...brilliant!

    Greetings, J.C.MacHislopp

  • Shakita

    Hey Metatron,

    The secret to the Watchtower's continued success is tied to their 'faithful and discreet slave' doctrine. They also carefully orchestrate the order of topics which bible studies receive. This is no accident. For a study to be carefully indoctrinated they must be spoon fed, little by little.

    When a bible study accepts that the WT Society is the FDS, then he/she will swallow whatever the WT says. As to the idiocy of saying the end is near for 124 years, it is quite clear to me now. However, the slick, unctious way that the WT explains away their failures, keeps millions in their thrall.

    On the one hand, they will say that they are being directed by God, but they are not inspired. They make countless prophetic predictions concerning the end of the world and then say: "Oh no, we're not prophets, we're just imperfect men." Then when the WT is criticized by exjw's or others they will warn their adherents to avoid the talk of apostates just as you would avoid a poisonous snake.

    So, the WT carefully teaches new studies to the point that they are no longer able to use critical reasoning skills. Things a person would normally reject is accepted due to thorough mind control techniques and indoctrination.

    The key to raising doubts in a JW's mind concerning all JW doctrines and prophesies is to erode their faith in the FDS. Once a person can see that the FDS are nothing more than selfish, hypocritical men bent on their lust for power, then their strict adherence to WT doctrine will crumble.

    The only way that this can be done is to do just what the WT has done, but in reverse. Little by little, the JW needs to be exposed to falsehoods, inconsistencies, deceptions and false prophecies that the WT has promulgated for 124 years. Although this may be difficult to do, the reward comes when another WT victim is able to stand on his/her own two feet and make critical decisions based on their own reasonings and conscience and not on the WT's lying belchings that are disgorged from their mouth constantly.

    Mr. Shakita

  • SixofNine

    One thousand Aposto-Points to Shakita for use of the word "unctious".

  • DanTheMan
    False prophecy is the VERY CORNERSTONE and support of the Watchtower, not a minor theme

    Very well said.

    It becomes a little bit hilarious when you go back & read the Society's literature from the 30's, 40's, 50's, 60's. The end was always "real soon now".

  • Shakita


    lol. I never received aposto-points before. The definition of unctuous is: oily tongued; unduly suave. Greasy; slippery to the touch, like an unguent. This word fits the oily tongued, unduly suave, greasy WT to the core. The Watchtower reminds me of a snake oil salesman. You know, guaranteed to cure all ills, will even cure the gout. The Watchtower's oily smooth demeanor and delivery has kept people under their spell for well over 100 years.

    Mr. Shakita

  • minimus

    Mr. Skakita, I enjoyed your excellent reasoning points! It shows that there's no magic cure to quickly return a JW to their senses.....Met, keep up those great posts!

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