Reunited with long lost JWs

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    I am interested in some of the stories or experiences related to running into, or being reunited with former JWs from way back.

    What was it like to see these people again?

    What was it like to meet them as, non-JWs?

    Any positive experiences?

    I met up with my one-time fiancees brother after almost 22 years in 2000. He and were seperated, but I did not attempt to contact him because I basically knew that once I left, he'd not be allowed to speak with me.

    On Tishi's old board (THANKS TISHI, wherever you are), I saw a posting on 'looking for lost JWs'. I scrolled down quite a few pages, and saw a familiar name from a familiar place/congregation. Could it be?

    So, I e-mailed: LO! and behold, it was my friend's wife. She posted. They had left the JWs and were trying to locate former JWs as well. Little did she know, I recognized the family name, and e-mailed them. I was so thrilled to hear back, after 22 years.

    We met up in August 2000 in Niagara Falls, ON. Canada. It was great!!!! My friend had two grown-up teenagers, and they brought with them old photographs, and filled me on over 2 decades of news. Good thing I did NOT marry his sister, afterall.

    Anyone have similar experiences? I'd love to read about it.

  • Carmel

    Speaking of Tishi, is here Support4 still on the net?



    Carmel, last time I checked that site. I think it got hijacked by hacker, and is a 'titty' site now.

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