Anyone in Colorado??

by DATA-DOG 5 Replies latest jw friends


    I may be in the area for a short while. If you want to grab a beer with the O'l D-Dog, send me a pm. If you're close to my secret location, maybe we can rendezvous?? No biggie. Just throwing it out there.


  • stillin
    I might have taken you up on that beer. I was in Denver a month ago. Next time...
  • Magwitch
    I live in the heart of Boulder, right on beautiful Pearl St. where the good times never end. Let me know when you are in the state....would love to meet up.
  • LisaRose
    I lived in Colorado for ten years. Magwitch, Pearl street was my favorite place to go on Colorado, it's true the good times never end. Street performers, unique shops, interesting restaurants, vintage buildings, all with the beautiful mountains as a backdrop. I lived in Castle Rock, moved away six years ago.
  • SecretSlaveClass
    Aaahhh Colorado. Where is my dream retirement location? Durango. Man am I infatuated with that place.
  • Dumplin

    so....this means you are not voting Gov. Christie?

    (from seattle)

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