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  • Akid48

    So before i say any thing yes i know not the best idea to date in middle school etc.

    So one thing that still hurts me today is the most hot girl in my school at the time and my crush started to like me she tryed to ask me out but i i was not a wake at the time and i put her down many times and now today i rethink over and say if i started to rethink my life as a jw i would of said yes like my mind told me to.

    Now i rethink over that time and it sucks for me it hurts.

    it just sucks man

  • moreconfusedthanever

    I remember those days even though I am old. Haha.

    I have teenagers and my advice to them is - have friends at school. Concentrate on getting good grades and if you and your crush still want to date when you are done with school (18 here) then by all means date.

    In the meantime they can see each other at school and in groups.

    You are young and you will have many a crush before you choose "the one".

  • Finkelstein

    Maybe you can reconnect, you have lots of time.

  • Akid48


    doing that right now

  • Akid48


    thank you for ill keep that in mind

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