Ex-JW's urge Politicians to Expose Secret Files

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    (Thanks to http://www.SilentLambs.org for E-Mailing this Story to me)


    Jehovah's Witnesses under fire for abuse

    Ex-members urge politicians to force church to open files

    Bob Harvey

    The Ottawa Citizen

    Saturday, February 01, 2003

    An Ottawa woman and two other former Jehovah's Witnesses have teamed up to demand that federal and provincial governments across Canada open up the church's files on child sexual abuse.

    Kim Sheeler said she and Lee Marsh, of Winnipeg, and Grace Gough, of St. Jacob's, near Kitchener, Ont., sent out more than 1,000 letters to federal MPs, and all the members of provincial legislatures, asking them to watch last Wednesday's The Fifth Estate television documentary on abuse by Jehovah's Witnesses, and then pressure their governments to investigate past abuses.

    In the documentary, CBC Television told the story of Mike Moss, who was repeatedly molested by his Jehovah's Witness Bible teacher as a 14-year-old in Sault Ste. Marie. His case is just one of more than 20,000 cases that a former church elder, Bill Bowen, of Kentucky, says are on file in the Witnesses' headquarters in New York. Most of those cases have never been reported to police, he said.

    Ms. Sheeler said survivors deserve to have some kind of closure of cases that were investigated only by church elders, and often dismissed.

    "There is nothing worse than going through an experience like that and not being believed by the people you trust," she said.

    Ms. Sheeler said that as a 17-year-old she was assaulted in her family's living room by a member of the church who was later convicted of molesting his own children.

    She grew up in the church, but left the Witnesses in 1995, and said she helped launch the letter-writing campaign because "I feel an obligation to make sure children are safe in their church. And underneath there is also some anger simmering that nobody believed me when I tried to stand up for myself."

    Ms. Marsh was also sexually abused as a child. Her family were Jehovah's Witnesses, and she said her late stepfather repeatedly performed oral sex on her, starting when she was 12, and also molested other members of the family. She says church leaders told them never to talk about it, because they were taking care of it. But police were never informed and her stepfather continued molesting other young girls, even after her mother divorced him, said Ms. Marsh.

    "There has been little action from elders in congregations to help victims, and this has resulted in a situation where men who have been accused of abusing children are free to continue preying on children," she said.

    Ms. Marsh said many members or former members of the church "have been fighting this cause for years and nothing has been changing. So we are going to the media in hopes that it will sensitize politicians and persuade them to do something."

    Clive Thomas, a spokesman for the church in Canada, said that The Fifth Estate "made the allegation that Jehovah's Witnesses harbour child abusers and pedophiles. That is a gross exaggeration."

    He said that any large organization will include some people who molest children.

    "The issue is how we handle it," he said. "We don't shield anybody who has committed a crime."

    However, Mr. Bowen, who now monitors child sexual abuse within the Jehovah's Witnesses, says the church's policies hurt children and often prevent police from convicting molesters.

    He said the church expects untrained elders to first interrogate the children who report the abuse then ask the accused if the allegations are true.

    "If the parents then want to report it to police, the child is traumatized and the elders have already tainted the whole process of investigation."

    The following information is courtesy of http://www.SilentLambs.org

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  • sf

    Ted! Are you boyz paying close attention here?

    'In due time' never sounded sweeter. Funny how these cliches are coming up upon YOU!

    What happens when this is all over FOX news and CNN, which 'in due time', WILL be?

    What are you doing to secure the safety of your flock and their kingdom halls? You are well Aware! that their very lives, at anytime now, could end by the hands of someone who doesn't take to well with potential pedophiles standing on their porch. Oh wait...

    You have ZERO concern for the flock. How could I forget. So I guess you and the boyz feel and solidly think that their blood won't be on your hands either? Yeah, I suppose if they are an adult, it's their own stupidity. I agree. Yet that will not wash well in the long run. Your made-up doctrines designed to control minds has CAUSED many effects in this 'system of things'. Many have no 'klue' where your testicles reach Jaracz. Do you cherish those testicles Ted? Aren't they becoming burdensome of late? How about help you out Brother! You s.o.b. (sigh..please do not edit this post...it is a 'release'...thank you kindly)

    Now, since I cannot get my local editors to understand the importance of our community needing to see the national and world news, like all communities should...I am going to go directly to a reporter. This was suggested and may be a better avenue. One way or another, ALL COMMUNITIES will know what is going on inside and outside the jw church and the WTBTS in New York.

    This is a great start (original post)!

    sKally (thx for allowing me to 'release' some toxic waste in a place i consider a 'soft place to FALLOUT')

  • happy man
    happy man


    This was a very ironic statment sf, you say"You have ZERO concern for the flock. How could I forget. "

    Did this meen you now TC in person, and it seem he hurt you vey much, or it is only anger yopu have inside you putt on him.

    this abuse topic i very difficult fore all, i heard the the London police have 50 men how was arrested when they find pesrsons on internet how use childporn pictures, but we never think evry police are pedofie ,or ?

    this 2 wittneses thing sounds craycy , but here in sweden we have sverak casas when girls tell they have lied, fore money, and ther fadher was relesed from in some cases over 2 year in prison.

    so here the state have say, we never go only on what one person say, we must have some more proof.

    I think this is the most frustrations problem of all today, it is very difficult, and sure it is hard fore this how realy hade been used, i have no good solotion on this, bur perhaps some here can tell what they think is the best, to find the abusers, and also not putt in innnosent peopel in jail.

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