Getting UnDf'd

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  • hamptonite21

    This question is probably for Ex edlers, If a person was df'd for conduct unbecoming a christian over several years ago and started to attend meetings after a couple of years. How long is it before they are reinstated?

  • Elsewhere

    That depends on how much one is willing to beg and grovel and cry in front of the elders.

    They LOVE to see a person beg.

    If one puts on a good enough show, one could be back in six months.

    Some people get "lucky" (if you want to call it that) and the elders will visit them out of the blue and offer a six week "fast track" reinstatement.

  • hamptonite21

    Wasnt there an article about making the punishment shorter recently?

  • MegaDude

    I DA'd and was told last year I could be reinstated within two weeks if I wanted to come back.

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