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  • livingagain

    Two elders came by the house to speak with family on Saturday afternoon. One talked to my son who was washing his car( elder said son pretty much told him to get lost so he rang door bell and knocked until my daughter (he got same response) answered the door. Asked to speak with me, the mother, but daughter told him I was not interested. My husband was in back of house working on his truck and second elder skirted down there to talk to him. Seems that without going to the meeting they needed to tell us there will be no holy spirit for this family. I don't think they will give up because we were a very prominent family in the hall and husband was Elder until resignation in September.

    On Sunday morning at 8:00 am a third elder phoned and hubby answered phone getting invite to meeting again, seemed to think the WT lesson was tailor made for family that all needed to hear, something about despondency.

    Someone please tell me what the WT study was about yesterday. Please! Please!

  • onacruse

    Hi, livingagain!

    I don't think they will give up because we were a very prominent family in the hall and husband was Elder until resignation in September.

    Sounds like you've been thrown into a maelstrom

    The more prominent you and your family were, the more certain it is that they will come after you with a vengeance. Sad, but true.

    If I may ask (and I know it's none of my business)...has any of your family been hauled in front of a JC, or an "investigative committee"?


  • Gopher

    Hi livingagain,

    The Watchtower Study was titled "He Will Draw Close To You". (But you don't need to go to meetings to have him draw close, eh?)

    Not that I go to meetings any more. Rather the weekly Watchtower studies are summarized and put in proper perspective by one of my favorite ladies around here, Blondie. See this thread: http://www.jehovahs-witness.com/forum/thread.aspx?id=45676&site=3

  • Shakita


    Wow.....three elders in one weekend....they must really want you back!

    Some watchtower salesmen came around a few weeks ago, but since we didn't want to buy anything, we didn't answer the door! But, I am sure they will be back.

    Mrs. Shakita

  • livingagain

    Just trying to fade away since about August.I started sharing what I learned first with hubby and gradually to two kids. They had already saw through a lot of it but was afraid to tell us.I beleive in time if we don't go back they will have spies to watch for wrongdoing to haul us in to JC. Neither of the 5 have a kind spirit but are vindictive. Always showed the petty side of them. Very jealous and petty because my husband made a lot of money (or so they insinuated) and we builded a large house and bought a so called luxury car. Of course they did not think I was a submissive wife but pushed ahead. But who cares? Right? I will never allow them to have that kind of authority over me again. Thanks for the Sunday's WT update.

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