To Stinky Pantz

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  • Francois

    Hi Stinky, and thanks for your reply to my post earlier about what's eating at me. I mean to reply to your reply, but since I've been going hard at it since five-thirty this morning, and it's almost eight o'clock now, I'm going to wait until tomorrow to reply. I wouldn't think of dashing of a thoughtless reply to your post under the circumstances I described, or as dog-tired as I am right now.

    I've read almost every post you've written since you showed up on this site and by and large I've thought that you had a pretty good head on your shoulders. So I want to answer your points and see if I can get you to understand where I'm coming from with my attitudes. I can't help but notice that the vast majority of people who commented on my post were squarely on my side. And I'd be willing to bet that those who weren't on my side - both of them - were liberals, leftists, democrats, in short - neoMarxists. I can smell their rot a mile away.

    Anyway, by the time I post my reply to you, the original post will be on page two. It might as well be on page twenty-two. So tomorrow, please look for a new post addressed to your ol' bad self, and we'll continue our conversation.

    I've wanted to have a public conversation like this with an intelligent person of the black persuasion for a long time and BANG - here you are. I'm looking forward to it. Tomorrow then.


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