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    OK so my searching the open to the public section of JWtalk is now bordering on obsession, it helps me appreciate everything that is wrong in this rather extreme "religion."

    So there is a thread discussing the popes visit to the UN this month. I've heard many conspiracy theories ranging from the pope announcing religion is made up and there is no God to a false flag involving Aliens all to ultimately usher in the new world order under one world government! I have been waiting to hear the JW view on the pope visit and suffice to say the discussion didn't disappoint.

    Of course there is the very thing that is the very foundation of Jehovah's' Witnesses. The cry of peace and security! One poster gave their wise thought on proceeding. Basically the pope will chastise all politician's on the handling of world affairs, leading to the UN being very disgruntled with the pope, thence banning religion!

    My speculation is the pope announcing he will be the eighth member of the watchtower governing body and that was the reason the watchtower joined the UN. Of course he will have to change his title from papal to brother also his name would have to be changed too. I was thinking something like - ERM - Walter Pratt! So that my speculation let's hear all you lovely lot?


    Perhaps he's going to discuss the RCC's revised policies to deal with child sexual abuse? Sixty Minutes just re-aired a program in regards to child sexual abuse and the removal of those in responsible positions who fail to protect children.

    The RCC revealed that changes for the better took place when they decided to admit their negligence and reached out to the victims. They also had to sell expensive property to pay settlements.

    The WTBTS is sure to be paying attention.


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    The Pope will get their, have his ring kissed, drink the best wine, eat the finest cuisine and return to Rome a couple of pounds heavier. The end.
  • SecretSlaveClass
    There not their. Sometimes i want to punch myself.

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