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  • Zep

    American History X----hard hitting

    Usual suspect----crime thiller with twists

    Out of sight----Elmore Leonard novel, forget Jackie brown

    Cube----great canadian Sci-fi...made on budget of 3mil

    Resevoir dogs-----tarantino's first flick...violent and lots of swearing, those mafia dudes know nuffin *@ else

    Sixth sense-----occult stuff dubs might not like?

    Something bout mary-----grosse out comedy!

    Fight club-----weird David fincher flick...violent but not as violent as i expected

    The vanishing------European flick only, not that hopeless Hollywood remake

    Seven-------Fincher again, society has such an obsession with serial killers?, but its better than silence of the lambs

    The grifters----- total amoral misfits and cons

    Buffalo 66------ misfits, off beat romance!

  • waiting

    Hey Zep,

    The Usual Suspects is my #1 favorite. Glad it's on your list too.

    Sixth Sense was intense in an intense, non-violent way. Very good.

    Seven was good - but not all serial killers are that intelligent.

  • RedhorseWoman

    Oh, I had forgotten about Cube.....that was a great movie

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