New Earth Opinions

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  • cyrano

    Just wanting some opinions on the scriptures that talk about the 'new heaven and new earth'. The reason is that JWs always refer to that to support their 'two class' of christians doctrine. Thanks.

  • romansfourteen1to6

    Many independent Baptists, all the Seventh Day Adventists etc also believe there is one hope (resurrection) with two possible destinations: heaven, earth. So do many non-denoms and Pentecostals. There's no problem with the idea but rather with "forcing" its acceptance on everyone.

  • A Paduan
    A Paduan

    Disciples of God make a new heaven and and new earth.

    As for the "thousand year reign" - there is no one thousand year period of post-armageddon holidays coming up - the verse means something else.


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