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    Finally last night it was on directv and it was heart wrenching. To think my own children could have been molested by those holy perverts.Silent are the children was every thing i hoped it would be.But to my jw. husband who would walk past the tv. like he wasn't listening but how could he not i kept turning it louder so he had to hear.I watched the entire show , that lasted about 45min. After the show ended i said ( to myself) that is horrible,my jw husband say's (you can't believe everything you hear and besides alot of kids lie to get their family in trouble.He goes on to say no one is perfect we are all human and make mistakes, god is bringing this to light so the bad will be weeded out of jehovah org.By this time i am about to blow , but i keep my cool and said , o'h ya just like the catholic priest molesting , you can't believe what it all, i am sure alot of children made it up .He answers ,could be .Then i thought i'd get in as much about the show as possible. Imentioned that the show said the org. is the richest religion there is ,his response( how would the show know that and if it is true it's because we need it for new presses and printers to spread the truth.GRRRRRR.O'k now i'm realy getting pissed off even though i know i should hold it together but there is so much stupidity , deafness and blindness i can take.I asked him ,If these children and parents have turned away of the org. and are talking about the org. doesn't that make them apostates? his response is ,we don;t know what god has planned for any of us.Need i say more he is so blind .iasked him if the org. is in contact with god , why didn't god tell them what was going on to these kid's? he's response is ;god will reveal things when the time is right.Will these elders and cong. be held liable for hiding molesters? PLEASE GOD WAKE UP THE BLIND, DEAF AND DUMB.

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    Guest 77

    kls, don't feel bad. My JW acquaintance called earlier and I asked how the program went over for some of the witnesses who saw the show. Same old answers, that's why I don't bother with the org. I realize that you have feelings, and for me to suggest that you relax and don't take it seriously is tough, so, I do understand. Just how many others are in your position wishing their mate would at least listen and ask a few questions. Don't forget, I had an unbelieving mate for some years and I know what married life can be like.

    My witness friend is forever trying to stir some of the witnesses about this pedophilia situation but she ends up at a dead-end. She gets the same old song and dance comments. So, your not alone. Hang in there.

    Guest 77

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    I'm sorry that his response to the exposure of the WTS is was not what you had hoped it would be, but the indoctrination runs deep. Please be patient and don't think that he hasn't got some serious questions in his mind now.

    I must say he obviously (lucky him) doesn't know much about child molestation or he wouldn't have said that children would make up such things especially when authorities on child molestation verify that they were telling the truth. You could easily see (I could hear it in their voices) the impact of reliving their stories brought back the trauma in them just as if it was happening again. My heart goes out to those who have been soul-murdered and re-raped by the very people who should have protected them, if you can't turn to god's so called orginization for help then where can you go. I pity the children caught up in this, it hurts me to know that this happens anywhere to anyone!

    Hopefully it will open the way for more discussions between you and maybe just maybe he will watch the show. I just listened to it via the link here and was heartsick at what I heard happened to the families and children, what a cost for them, what a loss for the WTS. This exposure of the 'pedifile paradise' will be of great harm especially with the stance they are taking on it, "don't ask, don't tell". How very unloving and unchristlike.

    BTW thanks for the update, hang in there, stand for what's right.......don't let 'em get you down!


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