There has to be a full moon!

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  • shera

    There has to be a cranky making full moon out there.....gezz people are being mean to one another.Why,what is it going to do for you to be hateful to another?Life is too short.

    I know some of you will be slinging mud at me..

  • pettygrudger

    pllllllllllllllthhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Shera - you're no fun!!! But what you are is sweet & kind - it'll be okay!

  • gsx1138

    According to my MoonTool:

    Moon Phase: 2% Waxing Crescent

    Age of moon: 1 day, 9 hours, 11 minutes.

    Moon's distance: 394401 kilometres, 61.8 Earth radii.

    Moon subtends: 0.5050 degrees

    Last Full moon: 10:49 UTC 18 January 2003

    Other than my smart ass response I agree. I've been pretty caustic in my responses lately. I must be on my man period.

  • VeniceIT

    Our entire exisistance is about gaining energy from life around us. Some people only know how to get this energy by stealing it from others through anger, arguing, controling, manipulating and using other people. It is very sad because it shows how low they are, and they need that in order to keep on going. Fortunelty most people at some time can find alternate sources of energy like the beauty of flower growing through the sidewalk, or the wind whipping through your hair on a bright sunny spring day, the ocean lapping at the shore. When we appreicate something and the beauty of it we gain engrey from it, because it gives it to us, we're not stealing it. This is the ideal way to gain it, from nature and appreiating beauty in all it's forms. Which is why you feel so alive out hicking in an old forest, or so relaxed laying on a beach and happy rolling through the fields.

    Unfortunetly we don't realise this, and so we take it from others rather then send them our energy. That's why some people you can really like them, but after they leave your just exhausted 'they're draining'. Or other people can be around for hours and you feel great and happy and not as tired and all that, because they're not stealing your energy but sharing it, and you share yours and together they grow and grow. This of course is ideal!!!!

    Sends loving energy to everyone who needs it(((( ))))


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  • Elsewhere

    Draw closer my children and take comfort in the the Great and Allmighty Elsewhere.

    Throw your pains and burdens upon me and be refreshed.

  • VeniceIT

    So you've got some wine then???


  • shera

    Thanks Petty

    That was nice Ven.

    Elsewhere ,I'll take that into consideration.

    Gsx,good thing its only a once a month thing huh?

  • Francois

    ok, GSX, what does gibbous mean. And unless I miss my guess, there's an opposite to gibbous so what is that and what it THAT mean?


  • Francois
  • gsx1138

    Here you go Francois. This is a paste off of a site because of my man period I'm lazy as well.

    • New
    • Waxing crescent
    • Waxing Half
    • Waxing gibbeous
    • Full
    • Waning gibbeous
    • Waning Half
    • Waning crescent
    • New (this is the start of the next cycle)

    There are 8 cycles of the moon. Gibbeous is the term used for a moon that is at 3/4 to full moon. Waxing Gibbeous is the increase of light toward a full moon. Waning Gibbeous is a decrease in light as the cycle turns to a new moon. I should also state that the 8 Sabbats coincide with these 8 cycles as well depending of the moons distance.

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